Nietzsche - The Fatal Seduction of Christianity.

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Matt Anderson


The Fatal Seduction of Christianity

        Why is religion so appealing? Over 84 percent of the world’s population practices some type of religion. How can Friedrich Nietzsche believe that religion, Christianity in this case, is “the most fatal and seductive lie that has ever yet existed?” Comparing his view on religion and the readings from the Bible, we can make the distinction that Christianity is a trap for the lower classes.

        Friedrich Nietzsche looked to the ancient Romans to understand why Christianity took such a strong hold in society. The social structure was stratified into three classes; the nobility, the priests, and at the bottom the commoners or plebeians and slaves.

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        The upper class nobles had the ability to say that anything that they did was “good” and “right.” They looked down on the lower classes and believed that because they were not like them, that they were “bad” or worthless. Why was this so? It was simply because the nobles said so.

        On the other hand, the plebeians and slaves looked up and the nobility and condemned as “evil” and saw themselves as good. The priestly class was simply not strong enough to be able to rise to the nobility but was above the commoners. The priests used their influence ...

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