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GCSE: Work experience reports

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  1. Lotte Company Korea Work Experience. I was sent to LOTTE MART PHU THO to work at Customer service department

    From the Lotte Mart Phu Tho, first of all, I want to express my deep gratitude to thank my immediate supervisor. Ms. Trinh Thi Mai, her remarkable supervision of my internship. Her patience for allowing me to work at Customer Service department. I also thanks to Ms. Dang Thuy Dan Vy, her friendly and her availability have been a great help during my all my work here. I would like to thank my school, Hoa Sen University, for having given me this opportunity to put my theories I learnt into practice.

    • Word count: 2655
  2. Evaluating the huge project British Airways London Eye

    London's spectacular new observation wheel, the British Airways LE, was built on the banks of the river Thames in just 16 months. It was "launched" on December 31, 1999 and opened to public in March 2000 (w**g, & Mann, 2003, p.10) The objective of LE was constructed to cellebtate the new Millennium. It had become the most popular tourist attraction in London, visited by over three million people in the first year after its opening. Because it was extremely popular from beginning until now, the plans had changed from the original opening for only five years into permanent part of the London skyline (2009)

    • Word count: 4289
  3. My role in the community

    Also I was given a badge to wear with pride next to the school logo. You may ask why choose this occupation that will require added work and commitment to the day, when I have one of the most important years of my life a head of me, well its simple, helping others is what I am good at and enjoy - now I don't normally expect something in return but in this case I am rewarded with an head start to adult life and a better chance of receiving a place at the college I want.

    • Word count: 556
  4. DT report

    I will go on to create my design and then I will evaluate my whole project. Overall, I will follow the design cycle in this project to create my flower vase. The tools and materials that I will use will all come from the DT lab. Materials Research In this project there are three main materials that we have the option to use, these being wood, metal and plastic. Below is some detailed information on all these types of materials: Wood: Wood is a main source of creativity, because it can be shaped and even manipulated in some cases.

    • Word count: 2158
  5. Free essay

    The Castillo Balderas Family

    Watching TV and listening to music are both their biggest values in entertainment. It does appear that the family has bottled water located in the scene. This could imply that the family has tap water but it might be unhealthy for them to drink. They may use the tap water for cooking, but the bottled water just for pure drinking. This Mexican family portrays the middle class because they have three beds, two couches, a love seat, an oven, stove, and a china cabinet. This is less than a normal American would have but more than an average poor person would have. This concludes that most Mexican families are of the middle class.

    • Word count: 1229
  6. How to paintball

    Price is also a consideration; Paintball is a really expensive hobby. You should expect to pay at least eighty five dollars for a case of paint, goggle rental and a paintball gun rental for a four-hour session. For me, I usually plan out which day im going to be attending these events, keeping the weather in mind. I usually make sure its not too cold or too hot outside, because running around in layers of clothes and being active for four hours straight usually becomes pretty overwhelming.

    • Word count: 901
  7. Works Experience Report

    The three crowns and sugar loaf has different facilities for different age groups in the community. For young children aged between 0-12 there is an outdoor play area and a children's menu. There is also a main menu for the older customers, the bar sells alcoholic beverages for the over 18. There is a Sky TV for the sports games and it is always on the sky sports news for anyone interested in sports. There is an outdoor smoking area and a beer garden, for the customers to enjoy in the summer.

    • Word count: 3244
  8. Work Experiance Talk

    Before my 1st day I felt really pleased of where I have picked to work and very calm as the person I worked for was a close family friend which made work experience a whole less daunting.

    • Word count: 274
  9. 1984 analyse

    PLOT AND STORY STRUCTURE - Winston meets O'Brien - they talk inconspicuously, and Winston plans to go to where O'Brien lives, using his fake interest in Newspeak as a cover-up. "By sharing a small act of thoughtcrime he had turned the two of them into accomplices." (Orwell, 158) - "The conspiracy that he had dreamed of did exist, and he had reached the outer edges of it" (Orwell, page 159) - "... it was like a foretaste of death, like being a little less alive" (Orwell, 159)

    • Word count: 1259
  10. Duke of Edinburg Adventurous Journey Report

    The green carpeted Savar Golf Course was the main attraction of our journey from Dhaka to Aricha. After an hour's delay at the Aricha ferry ghat, it took us another hour to cross the river. The other half of our journey from ferry ghat to Khulna was torturous. Amid the sweltering heat of the shrouded sun, the AC of the AC bus kept breaking down and we were not in a position to actually appreciate the natural roadside beauty. Everyone was sweating and cursing inside the bus. And no one had the heart of taking pictures or tuning to a song.

    • Word count: 611
  11. Careers Project

    If there is more than one job I will pick one out of the possible jobs that would suit me the most. 4. Limitations Unfortunately I will be unable to write a long or detailed piece of coursework as I have been given a short time to type it up in. Also I am unable to experience first hand job experience as my school only does work experience in lower sixth year and because of my age it will be unlikely that I will get a job.

    • Word count: 4951
  12. Why I want to be an Engineers

    After many deliberations, I am confident that civil engineering is, without a doubt, the right career for me. Ever since my childhood I have detected in myself a certain interest to face challenges and solving problems. I was the kid who would always buys building puzzles and the Lego that requires a lot of time to solve. I desire to build the best buildings, the best roads, and the best bridges. During my high school years, I was able pursue my passion in science and mathematic, especially Physics. I was very studious in these areas because my interest kept me going and trying harder.

    • Word count: 646
  13. During my time in Young Enterprise

    Leadership in a business is essential if the team members are to keep on task, motivated and organised. Our team was able to select an excellent representative/leader who would take upon the job of Managing Director. This led our team to have democratic election towards choosing a reliable managing director. The vote came to a unanimous decision where Bahram Ehsas was elected as the Managing Director of Elite.

    • Word count: 588
  14. Health and Safety at ST Barts University

    I was told what to do in the event of a fire (I had to evacuate the building and line up outside the church opposite the building). I was also told what to do in the event of a b**b threat (see Appendix 'C' page 18 -section 17). I am going to be working as an assistant Lab-technician in the laboratories dissecting rat's spinal-cords/brains and staining them for micro fluoroscopy. I will be identifying and explaining the use of neurones and receptors within the spine and describing how they generate pain, etc.

    • Word count: 1791
  15. Favourite character book

    Anne lived in Prince Edward Island in Canada She was a charming girl with romantic imagination and sense of beauty. She had a freckled nose and red hair, and won the female readers' hearts all over the world. Anne's parents were teachers but they died early and the baby was alone in the world. In the third month of her life Anne found the people who took care of her.

    • Word count: 394
  16. work experience

    I went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet and I did my usual business like every other day. I washed my face and had a clean shave, to impress the ladies! After a little while I put on my suit, which was freshly ironed by my mum. I took all my necessary gadgets with me while a long journey was ahead of me. My dad gave me a lift to the nearest tube station, and I headed towards Wembley Park Station. When I first entered the place, I was speechless, it all looked so professional and I felt like I was on the red carpet! It was nice to be here, where I am surrounded with mature workers.

    • Word count: 1625
  17. Duke of Edinburgh

    Jack could use complicated routes to get as far from the crime scene as possible and if these passage ways are dark he could've hid in dark corners without being saw by the Police. This is most definitely not the police's fault and gives us reason to believe they were not to blame for failing to imprison Jack the Ripper. Another thing that should be taken to account is that cattle and sheep were herded through the streets which would cause noise pollution and source E supports this knowledge in stating 'the sights and sounds are an apocalypse of evil' in reference to Whitechapel.

    • Word count: 2094
  18. Peparing for a interview

    Also if you do not hear or understand the question ask the interviewer to repeat it in a polite manner, do not worry about any notes the interviewer makes. If it's a course or training scheme: * What happened to last year's students or trainees? * Where will this lead? These questions maybe covered in the interview. Always plan ahead make sure the course/job is what you want to do. Never take the course/job just because your friend "MATE" is taking it.

    • Word count: 1264
  19. Health&Social care work experience

    Effective communication is also using and making this information to take children's individual knowledge, understanding, development and skills. This is a reason why effective communication within nursery for example is important. This is why I think I should learn from the mistakes of not using the communication between me and the staff appropriately. Eye contact - the use of eye contact is very important in the communication cycle. It's a use for individuals to contact and communicate in different ways, eye contact gives out messages and so does body language.

    • Word count: 1834
  20. citizenship coursework A - work experience

    I chose to work in a school as I enjoy working with others and helping children to learn. I have often considered becoming a teacher, so I felt that working in a school would help me decide whether that was the career path I should be going down. A couple of weeks before my work experience was due to start, I had an interview with the head teacher of the school. I had to ring up the school and organise this interview.

    • Word count: 1121
  21. Free essay

    Citizenship: Work Experience

    * Learn and gain experience of the Health and safety policies and rights and responsibilities within the workplace. * Gaining the necessities of being a good citizen and taking on responsibilities which are needed in the future. These aims are all officially part of being a good citizen by helping the youth and people who have not had work experience to understand what the working life is. Overall I am trying to combine my personal experience in the workplace to contribute the way the curriculum develops this helps advance in my coursework which gives the coursework more material to use and it becoming an official citizenship coursework.

    • Word count: 3777
  22. Work Experience Coursework

    The actual job which I was doing was helping out around the nursery and playing with the children. I also helped make cookies and icing because I was the only person which could make icing correctly. I also helped prepare for an inspection which was taken place one day, I created a PowerPoint and run it during the inspection. On my first day I was extremely nervous but also very excited. I meet my boss or the person which would look after for the time I was there which was the nursery school teacher.

    • Word count: 707
  23. french coursework of work experience

    les enfants de 2 mois et 4 ans.je l'ai commence lundi le 27 Avril et j'ai fini � vendredi le 8 Juillet. Chaque matin je suis all�e au travail en autobus, puis c'�tait un cinq minute � pied.

    • Word count: 356
  24. Work Experience - Dairy Entries

    Today was quite a challenge for me as I had to take the train towards my destination, this task maybe easier to some than others however for me it was difficult as I hardly take public transport. Surprisingly it all turned out well I got to me destination on time with no worries. I was now in my work place it was quite a place to work because it was one of most important buildings in London. From the entrance I was escorted to where I was going to work as it was a secured building where no one jokes around.

    • Word count: 1732

All students in school years 10 and 11 are offered the chance to complete a few weeks work experience and although at first this may appear quite daunting it can be a great experience. There's some very good reasons for doing work experience - it will introduce you to the world of work, a long way away from all that homework; it will help focus you on what you might like to do (and avoid!), after you've finished your education and it's been proven that students are more motivated to do well at school when they return from their work experience.

Quite where you end up depends on a variety of factors but you might like to think about what you'd like to do well in advance. The kinds of things youll be doing depend largely on your employer. One thing you will need to do on your return is to complete a work experience report and to find out they type of thing expected from you, visit the Marked by Teachers work experience section. You'll find a variety of examples which will help you plan and write your own report.


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