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GCSE: Work experience reports

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  1. My role in the community

    Also I was given a badge to wear with pride next to the school logo. You may ask why choose this occupation that will require added work and commitment to the day, when I have one of the most important years of my life a head of me, well its simple, helping others is what I am good at and enjoy - now I don't normally expect something in return but in this case I am rewarded with an head start to adult life and a better chance of receiving a place at the college I want.

    • Word count: 556
  2. How to paintball

    Price is also a consideration; Paintball is a really expensive hobby. You should expect to pay at least eighty five dollars for a case of paint, goggle rental and a paintball gun rental for a four-hour session. For me, I usually plan out which day im going to be attending these events, keeping the weather in mind. I usually make sure its not too cold or too hot outside, because running around in layers of clothes and being active for four hours straight usually becomes pretty overwhelming.

    • Word count: 901
  3. Work Experiance Talk

    Before my 1st day I felt really pleased of where I have picked to work and very calm as the person I worked for was a close family friend which made work experience a whole less daunting.

    • Word count: 274
  4. Duke of Edinburg Adventurous Journey Report

    The green carpeted Savar Golf Course was the main attraction of our journey from Dhaka to Aricha. After an hour's delay at the Aricha ferry ghat, it took us another hour to cross the river. The other half of our journey from ferry ghat to Khulna was torturous. Amid the sweltering heat of the shrouded sun, the AC of the AC bus kept breaking down and we were not in a position to actually appreciate the natural roadside beauty. Everyone was sweating and cursing inside the bus. And no one had the heart of taking pictures or tuning to a song.

    • Word count: 611
  5. Why I want to be an Engineers

    After many deliberations, I am confident that civil engineering is, without a doubt, the right career for me. Ever since my childhood I have detected in myself a certain interest to face challenges and solving problems. I was the kid who would always buys building puzzles and the Lego that requires a lot of time to solve. I desire to build the best buildings, the best roads, and the best bridges. During my high school years, I was able pursue my passion in science and mathematic, especially Physics. I was very studious in these areas because my interest kept me going and trying harder.

    • Word count: 646
  6. During my time in Young Enterprise

    Leadership in a business is essential if the team members are to keep on task, motivated and organised. Our team was able to select an excellent representative/leader who would take upon the job of Managing Director. This led our team to have democratic election towards choosing a reliable managing director. The vote came to a unanimous decision where Bahram Ehsas was elected as the Managing Director of Elite.

    • Word count: 588
  7. Favourite character book

    Anne lived in Prince Edward Island in Canada She was a charming girl with romantic imagination and sense of beauty. She had a freckled nose and red hair, and won the female readers' hearts all over the world. Anne's parents were teachers but they died early and the baby was alone in the world. In the third month of her life Anne found the people who took care of her.

    • Word count: 394
  8. Work Experience Coursework

    The actual job which I was doing was helping out around the nursery and playing with the children. I also helped make cookies and icing because I was the only person which could make icing correctly. I also helped prepare for an inspection which was taken place one day, I created a PowerPoint and run it during the inspection. On my first day I was extremely nervous but also very excited. I meet my boss or the person which would look after for the time I was there which was the nursery school teacher.

    • Word count: 707
  9. french coursework of work experience

    les enfants de 2 mois et 4 ans.je l'ai commence lundi le 27 Avril et j'ai fini � vendredi le 8 Juillet. Chaque matin je suis all�e au travail en autobus, puis c'�tait un cinq minute � pied.

    • Word count: 356
  10. Citizenship studies courework

    because we will be spending our time helping the younger students with something that is an incredibly important part of their education. We will also like to be role models for the younger students. Before we actually do the activity it is important to now what topic the students find the most difficult and it is my job to find out this information. Inorder to find out which topic we have to teach the students I will design a questionnaire for the maths class to do and I will then analyse the results to see what topic we will have to prepare a lesson for.

    • Word count: 937

    One big disadvantage is that we all live quite far away from each other so it was hard to have meetings out of school time so we had to rely on email and instant messengers to contact each other. We will hold meeting every two weeks during school so it's easy to contact each other. Our first meeting will be choosing our event and charity so we can give everyone in the group tasks to do. Members It was a bit of a set back when one of our members left because we needed to distribute the tasks given to

    • Word count: 983
  12. Work Experience

    She then sent my c.v out to the company. This placement was secured. It was French Connection in Harlequin. The type of work I had to do was retail. I had to stock up clothes help customers, watch changing rooms and order in new stock. From this experience I was hoping to gain patience with women as I was working with them and helping them, gain more confidence and experience with young girls and deal with problem that I may encounter. My fear was that I would was that I would end up getting very friendly with some customers that I may serve as I was told by Miss Beacker I would be in the women's section helping the girls out.

    • Word count: 822
  13. work experience - nursery

    As per usual mum started crying because her little girl was growing up. I'm only going to work it isn't like I'm leaving home, I told her. But yet she still made some speech up although I didn't understand what she was going on about due to the sobbing. When I finally left and got to work it was just me and Becca standing in the corner not having a clue what to do. Nine o'clock came and I was introduced to the staff. There was Louise the mum of the group. She made sure everyone was ok especially me and sue.

    • Word count: 802
  14. Teenage life 2007

    How depressing. When I get home eventually I get into my jeans and have my tea. After that I am straight out of the door. I go down to the bus stop where I live because there is no where for us to go. We sit in there all night. How fun! I go home and then turn my tele on and fall asleep. Tuesday Great! School again I get to be bored all day and stare at the ceiling for six hours having the time of my life.

    • Word count: 508
  15. what you learnt from your experience

    I was expecting to be interviewed by a hard faced, dull person who did not seem to have a bright future, whose world just evolved around by decayed teeth but instead she was totally the opposite, she was very friendly and welcoming, I felt as if I had known her for years. It was rather an informal interview; she showed me the entire infrastructure of the hospital, it felt like entering another planet in outer space as their were dozen of floors which had dozens of department, there was a unique language in the Hospital where words like RD2, A&C were used, which seemed to be Chinese to me at first.

    • Word count: 662
  16. Work Experience Review successfully completed my work experience at:Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd,

    During that time I had to follow extremely strict rules and guidelines. These were for the safety of my colleagues, customers and me. When I found out about this it came useful when we had a false alarm on my second day, to which I was able to confidently follow the safety procedure.

    • Word count: 308
  17. Give detailed examples of good or poor customer service you have received

    I went to pc world which is a company which sells customers computers and accessories with good value for money, I went in with the information of a the computer I was looking for and a assistance walked up to us and asked if we wanted help so I explained the computer I want and in second he found the match for me.

    • Word count: 580
  18. Work Experience

    As I walked in through the sunlit oak panelling hall way, I suddenly got a big whiff of polish. I saw shiny gold picture frames, a logo representing Bukhari Solicitors, just above the door opposite me, tidy piles of paper and files were stacked on top of each other almost ready to tumble. I walked onwards towards a door with a shiny golden plaque on it which read "Reception", I knocked... "Enter", the voice sounded cold and shrilly. I walked inside and there sat a tall, bow old man, his beard tied up in a red bobble, he surveyed me with his half moon spectacles and said "Sit down please".

    • Word count: 930
  19. My work experience application was accepted for a local caf, where I was hoping to get a weekend job at, at the end of my work placement.

    Apparently I was going to be working '....in a variety of scenarios'. I pictured myself making executive decisions over the phone and taking an ever-increasing amount of money off the public and into the tills. Actually, my first task was to remove the packaging from the ice-lollies and put them into the freezers. Einstein eat your heart out. It was then that I quickly realised that I was going to be doing the jobs that no-one wanted to for the whole exciting two weeks. Oh well, it was better than chemistry. Just.

    • Word count: 793
  20. Work Experience talk to year 10.

    You can either phone them, e-mail them or send them a letter. What I did was phone them because I believe this was the most affective way and this way you are also able to find out more necessary information. All I had to do after I phoned was go and visit my placement to get to know everyone and to get to know the building. The day before I started on my work experience I was very anxious, but at the same time I was looking forward. So don't worry if you have similar feelings before you start your work experience because they're just normal.

    • Word count: 849
  21. I was so tired I couldn't even be bothered to get up in the morning. So many people standing outside

    dressed, it looked as if he had tried to come in his best clothes but they still looked a bit old and worn out as if he had worn them on one too many occasions, where he tried to look his best. Looking down I could see that his shoes were also a bit tattered and battered the heel of the shoe was a bit messed up.

    • Word count: 568
  22. Career development: Successful work experience

    The involved me in conversations asked me questions answered mine. Especially in the first week they supported me and if I was stuck with something the didn't hesitate to help they were brilliant and as they were giving up there own time I found this really pleasing as most of the time they didn't need to help they just did. I felt comfortable being in the office with them as they treat me as a fellow employee and not a student.

    • Word count: 921
  23. Work experience

    As the customer left, I felt angry with myself because I had not taken in the layout of the shop quickly enough, I felt guilty because the customer left without their goods and concerned that my boss might give me a negative comment about it. Luckily, my boss didn't see this happen so I sighed in relief. As the hours went by I stacked shelves and mainly served customers on the till. Every time I made a little mistake I was uneasy at the thought that I would get told off.

    • Word count: 902
  24. Work Experience

    (That was my excuse) At the start of each day the bikes (I worked in a bike shop called cycles U.K) have to be taken from the back room and put into the shed. "They can't be left in the shed because someone could steal them much easier than if they're left in the shop" he explained to me. When we had moved all of the bikes out we finally opened the shop (an hour and a half late) Then, to my horror, I realised Wednesday's are a delivery day and that meant getting the bikes out of the cellar in the shop.

    • Word count: 908

All students in school years 10 and 11 are offered the chance to complete a few weeks work experience and although at first this may appear quite daunting it can be a great experience. There's some very good reasons for doing work experience - it will introduce you to the world of work, a long way away from all that homework; it will help focus you on what you might like to do (and avoid!), after you've finished your education and it's been proven that students are more motivated to do well at school when they return from their work experience.

Quite where you end up depends on a variety of factors but you might like to think about what you'd like to do well in advance. The kinds of things youll be doing depend largely on your employer. One thing you will need to do on your return is to complete a work experience report and to find out they type of thing expected from you, visit the Marked by Teachers work experience section. You'll find a variety of examples which will help you plan and write your own report.


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