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GCSE: Work experience reports

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  1. Discuss the importance of children making choices in their play.

    ?Play often entertains props, tools, animals, or toys in the context of learning and recreation. Some play has clearly defined goals and when structured with rules is called a game. Whereas, some play exhibits no such goals, nor rules and is considered to be "unstructured" in the literature.? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Play_(activity) A1 ? Describe how practitioners can encourage children to direct their own play. ?For play to be empowering children must be allowed to take control of their own play rather than follow what adults want them to do? Tassoni p, (2007)

    • Word count: 2409
  2. 101 - Customer Service

    If people was to hear or see negative feedback they would have very low expectations from Kenable and would probably take up custom elsewhere. 3.4 Organization procedures are important to good customer service because without procedures customers may not get dealt with appropriately. For example: It is Health and Safety Proceduree that all companies have followed fire safety, such as visible fire exits, Clear fire exits, fire extinguishers and fire assemble points. If the company does not follow this procedure then customers could end up getting harmed or not dealt with in the event of a fire.

    • Word count: 1360

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