My work experience at South London Press.

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My work experience at South London Press.

Near the end of last year, my schools work experience co-coordinator came to us and told us it was time to begin planning for work experience, which begins on July 7th till the 16th.

     Due to fact I’ve always wanted to work experience because older children in the past have said it has been fun and enjoyable, plus you get to work in typical work environment. Although work experience has gained praise I believe work experience is about learning new skills, learning new ideas, working as part of a team and having the ability to communicate.

Although our work experience co-ordinator said “do not restrict yourself to just the job you believe your going to do in the future, but try to get a job which you’re interested in.”

     With that in mind I began applying for placements in my field of interest Media, before the Christmas holidays I sent out a number of application forms which had included a cover letter, a c.v. And a permission letter from work experience co-ordinator Ms McQuaid. During the holidays I waited for replies from my choice of placements but I heard nothing. So when I came back after the new Year I sent of thirty five new applications to various sections in media, these included KISS 100, Capital fm, XFM, Channel FIVE, The Sun, The Daily Mirror and The South London Press.

 When it came to February I began to get various replies however they were all rejections. Reasons they would say include I’m under 18, I applied too late and that the placements for July were all taken.

Seen as I had applied to fifty placements I still had a chance to get the placement of my choice, with my co-ordinator breathing down our necks to tie down a placement or risk getting one not of your choice in somewhere like Sainsbury’s stacking shelves. So with that in mind I began phoning the placements I applied for. This was very hectic but my school gave me the time to do so during games lessons and at lunch times when I needed to do so. Whilst phoning around I came into contact with many helpful people some not so co-operative, I found the larger companies had the worst attitudes. With ten chances left to get a placement of my choice I phoned South London Press and spoke to Kara the assistant to publishing director at South London Press. She asked me my interests and I told her she then said to come for an interview on the 18th of April. The same day Kara agreed to have an interview with the Big Issue had accepted for a placement. I kept this opportunity open and still went for the interview for the South London Press.

Join now!

 The interview was on the 18th of April, on the day I had to take with my cover letter, permission letter and c.v. The day was very sunny and the journey was simple, take Victoria line tube to Victoria then the Southwest Train to Streatham Hill Station The location of SLP. When I arrived I greeted the reception and asked for them to call Kara. I waited for two minutes and Kara came and she took me to the interview room where she discussed dates with me and then told me I had got the placement which I was happy with. ...

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