Discuss the relationship between poverty and fertility rates.

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Discuss the relationship between poverty and fertility rates. (10marks)

Poverty has been rapidly increasing with the growing population with more than three billion living on less than two dollars day, along with extreme shortages of food and water. Whilst in many areas of the world the population is booming rapidly.  A casual link can be seen between these two factors.

Initially, countries with high fertility rates seem to be mainly in areas of developing countries and areas that are experiencing high levels of poverty such as several regions in sub Saharan Africa. Poverty is proving to be a quiet a driving factor for the high fertility rates. Regions in sub-Saharan area are experiencing extreme poverty which pushes the population to have more children, mainly because most of the population is dependent on agriculture and primary basked work hence a need for a working hand is needed to help support the family in the daily work and earn enough for living and survival. Moreover, many of regions such as Sierra Leone that are experiencing high levels of poverty with things such as chronic hunger, lack of access to clean drinking water and other social factors that deplete the quality of living. These then contribute to factors such as lack of proper sanitation and maternal care available at hospitals further contributing to new born to be more prone to diseases such as water diseases like cholera causing early death. These result into high infant mortality rates and low chance of survival for infants encouraging the parents to have another child. Statistics show that every 1 in 3 new born child in Sierra Leone does not live past the age of three.

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In comparison to areas in developed countries such as Canada the fertility rates are quiet low due to less pressures and urges from social factors that encourage people to have children. Many people in developed countries are working in multinational firms while many do not marry till quiet late, and still many delay the possibility of having child due to high cost of living, work stress and family planning issues. In a survey 2010 produced that majority of working class families living Toronto reject the possibility of having child till very later on.  

However, France is a slightly different ...

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