Discussion of Maori Rights in New Zealand Society

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Why Maori Deserve Open Entry to Universities         First of all, we should consider the reasons not to open universities to Maori. Essentially, there is one major argument here, which is that it's 'unfair' that they should not have to work. On a more minor note, there is some contestation about courses with competitive entry. To deal initially with that minor point, we should assume that this applies exclusively to open entry courses, and only in the first year: it wouldn't guarantee Maori a spot in second year medicine or law, for example.        Now, let's consider this notion of
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'unfairness'. Under the status quo, Maori live what is essentially an 'unfair' existence: over 40% are under the poverty line and their lack of qualifications breeds a stereotype of stupidity which leads many of them not to get jobs, even when they are qualified. This actively encourages many not to succeed. But let's return to our 'poor Maori contingent'. Currently, because statistically they are very poor, they go to very poor schools, receive very poor education and overall, do very poorly. This is the reality of our unfortunate school zoning system. Less than half of Maori boys achieve Level 1. ...

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