What has made Cannibalism exist for such a long time?

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What makes Cannibalism exist for such a long time?



Tingjun Ye(Kevin)

Cannibalism was widespread in the past among human-beings in many parts of the world, continuing into the 19th century in some sporadic  cultures, and to the present day in parts of equatorial Africa. In a few cases in island , native flesh-markets are still existed.(Bruce M. Knauft, 1999) “ used to be known as the 'Cannibal Isles'. Cannibalism has been well documented around the world, from Fiji to the  to the  to Māori .  are believed to have practiced cannibalism, and they may have been eaten by modern humans.” (Gibbons, 1997)

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Some of the best-documented examples of cannibalism have been based on the situations that take place during famines and on accounts of ship sunken, unaccompanied, or stranded groups of people who have gone for long periods without food. Two of the best-documented of many cases are the pioneer Donner party's isolation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the winter, and the crash of the Uruguayan rugby team in the Chilean Andes in October 1972. In these and other well-documented cases, it is undeniable that the food acquired by means of cannibalism enabled some individuals to survive rather than starving to ...

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