A study of the PH levels of different types of soap

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A study of the different types of soap

Research Question: How does the quality of soap differ with change in price?

Input Variable: Price of soap, Weight of soap.

Output variable: Ph Difference

Hypothesis: The lowest priced soap should have least Ph difference while the more expensive ones should have a higher PH difference.

Method: First we note the price of each brand of soap and cut bits off the soap. Then we measure the bits. We place the piece of soap in beakers and fill it with water.  We fill another beaker with water. After a week we check the ph of the beaker mixed with bits of soap and the ph value of the beaker with plain water. We do this likewise for all brands of soaps. Then we must calculate the difference between initial ph of the water and the final ph.

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Materials required: 30*2 Beakers, Water, 30 Different brands of Soap, Blade (for cutting soap) and a weighing scale.

Data Collection and Processing:

Collection of Raw Data

        Table 1:

Qualitative data: After keeping the soap in water I noticed that the soap particles would often get discoloured inside water. This usually occurred with soaps from high, expensive brands while in the cheaper soaps, the particles would not get discoloured.

Processed Data

The data has been processed by the following method:

Ph Difference= Initial PH-Final PH

The method to calculate the value ...

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