An Essay Examining the Genetic Modification of Crops

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MYP Assignment: An Essay Examining the Genetic Modification of Crops

Since developments in genetically modifying crop plants are driven by purely economic considerations, they are of little benefit and pose a threat to us and the environment. Discuss.

Genetic modification “is the use of modern biotechnology techniques to change the genes of an organism, such as a plant or animal”. A genetically modified organism is an animal, plant or other living thing that has been changed through genetic modification. For example, a Genetic Modified crop is a plant that has a variety of genetic material achieved through modern biotechnology. GM crops contain genes artificially inserted, instead of acquiring it through pollination. In addition, Traditional breeding aims to adjust the animal or plant for a specific application. The process includes the crossing of advantageous traits, among individuals, with each other. The aim is that the breed of the cross will have right traits from both parents. However, the breed will have a combination of traits both negative and positive from their parents, so, numerous breeding cycles are needed to cancel the bad traits and construct the positive ones. While genetic manipulation of foods can be drawn throughout history, GMO have been utilised in just the last decades. In the 1980’s, the discovery that specific DNA could be moved from one organism to another became the basis of the GM process. This was improved further in the 2000’s, when the modification process has been introduced into nutrients to augment food. Today the GM process is developing in the entire world.

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The developments of genetic modification have been created by purely economic consideration. This is because this technology permits to increase food production, lower food prices, and improve food quality. “For example, countries that often don’t have enough fertile land and because of this food prices are high and directly affect the incomes of majority of the population, the potential benefits of GM crops cannot be ignored”. In fact, this technology will permit higher crop yields. All of this will create numerous consequences. This means that it will reduce farm costs because since artificial crops are created, there is no need ...

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