Biology Internal Assessment Peas Lab

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Internal Assessment Biology: Respiration in Peas

Purpose: In this laboratory, you will observe how respiration and decomposition produce heat in peas.


Boiled peas (cooled to room temperature)

Peas (not boiled) soaked in water


Stopper fitted with thermometer




  1. Select a known mass of boiled peas (or a known number) and add them to the thermos 1. Fill the thermos approximately half full.
  2. Carefully label the thermos with your group name and what the thermos contains.
  3. Fit the stopper and the thermometer so that the thermometer bulb is immersed in the peas.
  4. Select the same mass (or number) of soaked, but not boiled peas and add them to thermos #2.
  5. Repeat steps 2-3 for thermos #2.
  6. Record the initial temperature of each flask. Both should be at room temperature. Continue to record the temperature of each flask at constant intervals (make sure to make at least 2 measurements per day) for several days.
  7. Once you have seen a temperature change in both flasks, open the flasks and observe their contents. Observe and notice if either of the flasks have peas that have sprouted and if either of the flasks have peas that have begun to decompose (ferment).


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Data Processing

After gathering all of my data together, I divided them in 2 different sections. One table had the temperature values of two different types of peas during morning hours and the second table had the temperature values of the two different type of peas during evening hours. This way it is easier to observe the rise and fall of the temperature values ...

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