The effect of soil PH on different plant species and their biodiversity

Focus research question:

How the soil PH affects the biodiversity of plant species on a 70 meter long transect?

Table of Variables:

Method for controlling variables:

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  1. Measure a 70 meters long transect at an extended area, with same characteristics such as temperature, day light amount, humidity, and other abiotic factors.
  2. Measure and create 50cm X  50cm quadrats every 10 meters along the transect.
  3. Take 4 grams of each quadrat sample soil and deposit it on labeled plastic bags.
  4. Measure each plant species PH found in the quadrats.


  1. Look for a large area in which you can see biodiversity of plants, choose one in which abiotic factors keep constant.
  2. Measure a 70 meters long transect along the area.
  3. Make sure to ...

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