DNA Strawberry Extraction Lap

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Apr/ 2/ 08

Lab : DNA Strawberry Extraction


Strawberries have DNA that has the ability to be extracted and also to be seen under a microscope.

Explanation of Hypothesis

All livings things have some sort of genetic code. Strawberries are not an exception to this rule, and in strawberries this genetic code is called DNA. The DNA has the ability to be extracted due to it having a different molecular nature than the rest of the cell.



The amount of DNA extracted from the strawberry


The size of the strawberries


Time of which ethanol and strawberries are left together

Temperature of ice in which the ethanol is held

Amount of extraction buffer used

Amount of ethanol used

Type of strawberries used

Type of microscope used

Time of which strawberries are smashed for

Time of which extraction buffer and strawberries are mixed together

Strainer used


Microscope visibility

Room temperature

External light


Watch carefully and record what you observe where the ethanol meets the filtrate layer.

The solution separates into two layers, with the red filtrate at the bottom, the white ethanol on top, with some air bubble like mixture of both in the middle.

Let the solution sit for two minutes without disturbing it. Describe the precipitate.

A clump of pinkish air bubbly DNA with countless tiny bubbles form from the filtrate at the bottom. Gradually, it rises up through the clear ethanol layer, becoming more white and clumped into a ball. Until it floats to the top, where it condenses and weaves together.

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   View and describe the DNA with the naked eye and under the microscope.

The DNA is pinkish white, sticky, and wet-cotton-like mass under naked eye.

Microscope Diagram is attached.


  1. What is the purpose of mashing the fruit?
    It is a
    mechanical disruption of cells that helps to break down the cell walls.
  2. What is the purpose for the shampoo and salt in the DNA extraction buffer?
    The detergent in the shampoo
    dissolves the phospholipids bi-layers of the cell and organelle membranes. The positive charged sodium ions in the extraction solution are attracted ...

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