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Vikas Dhaka                                                                                             2279-028

Research Question:- Does pollution emitted by vehicular traffic effect the texture, water content and pH of the soil alongside a busy road?

Hypothesis:-  Due to automobile movement on Sohna Road the texture, ph and the water content of soil maybe different. The soil samples are taken 1 metre, 2 metre and 3 metre from the road. According to me the texture, ph and the water content will be different because the soil that is present 1 metre away from road will be getting most affected because automobile movement will be the highest at 1 metre distance from the road other than 2 metre or 3 metre. The soil will be most affected on 1 meter because of the heat emitted by the vehicles. This will make the soil dry at 1 metre. Vehicles on the road enter the soil present at 1 metre because of no embarkments present on the road. Because of this the soil gets disturbed.  The water content might be low at 1 metre distance from the road because the automobile movement will be high and therefore the texture and ph and water content will be getting changed from time to time. The soil samples taken from 2metre will have different texture and the water content might be more because the soil there is not getting more affected than the soil present at 1 metre. And thus the Soil at 3 metre from road will be having the highest content of water and thus it can be said that the soil in different areas of road at a certain distance will have different soil texture, ph and water content. The pH of the soil will be basic because some vegetation was seen.


  1. Controlled Variables: 

Time of collection of samples

Method of collecting samples

  1. Independent variables:  Distance from the road
  2.  Dependent: Amount of pH, soil texture and the water content in each soil present.
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Materials required for testing Ph:-

  1. 3 Long test tube (145mm) and 3 bung’s
  2. Test tube rack.
  3. Barium sulphate.
  4. BDH universal indicator solution and pH meter
  5. Spatula.
  6. Distilled water
  7. 30cm3 pipette.
  8. Measuring tape
  9. Tent pegs for marking after  every 1 m

Materials required for soil texture:

  1. Three 500 cm cube measuring cylinder.
  2. Three samples of soil of 100 cm cube each.
  3. 300 cm cube water for each measuring cylinder.

Materials required for measuring water content:-

  1. Soil sample taken from 1m, 2m, 3m.
  2. 3 Crucible.
  3. Balance accurate to 0.1 ...

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