Genetically Modified Organisms Essay

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GMO Essay

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Conventional farmers have taken advantage of the latest agricultural technological and scientific advances, with greater efficiency and higher output, including chemical and synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, mono-cropping, genetic-engineering and modification (in seeds and breeds) and antibiotic and hormones used in livestock. The world’s fish supplies are depleting significantly and 82% of the fish population is endangered and or been over exploited. Scientists are close to a biotechnological breakthrough to produce the first transgenic fish to be consumed by a human. This problem will be addressed at local level first and if succeeding will be addressed at a global level. Currently the world consumes 284,000 metric tonnes of salmon annually.. Genetic Modification is the use of modern biotechnological science to alter genes of an organism, altering the DNA that changes the way that a gene rebuilds proteins. Many organisms have been altered to possess desirable traits such as resistance to pesticides and or harsh environments.

The world population is growing fast; the population is currently 7.2 billion people and is growing at a rate of 200,000 people a day.. With the world population on the rise, comes with the demand of food, scientists are close to scientific breakthrough to develop and engineer a genetically modified fish. Eighty two percent of the world fish stocks are depleting, been over exploited and or endangered, this resulting with the demand of fish protein exploding. With the world’s population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050 demand for critical resources such as proteins continue to exceed supplies. Scientists are close to developing and engineering a genetically modified salmon. Genetically Modified organisms (GM or genetically modified organisms) are organisms or plants with altered DNA, giving them greater resistance to pesticides and herbicides and improved nutritional content. GM foods were originally intended to reduce the diseases and pesticides on crops, leading to a larger output of crops for a cheaper price. This resulted in many other organisms DNA been altered for the better resistance and production. Scientists are close to a biotechnological breakthrough by producing the first transgenic fish that can be consumed by a human. Scientists at the Aqua Bounty Lab in Canada are in the process of developing genetically modified salmon, which grow at twice the rate of normal salmon and feed more efficiently. In image 1.1 Salmon Comparison the difference in size between the non-GM salmon and the GM salmon is seen, and there is a significant difference between the two. The Process starts with the male and female Chinook fish, which are carefully selected to produce the highest quality milt (sperm) and eggs. The female Chinook is compromised of superior lines of non-transgenic conventional Atlantic salmon, which, then fully mature, are gently massaged to extrude the unfertilized eggs also known as green eggs. Those green eggs are added milt that has been extracted form the Atlantic male salmon the carry a transgene enabling fast growth. This transgene is permanent is the male’s genome and is heritable. The eggs are then placed into the Atlantic salmons growth hormones and then the salmon grows at twice the rate of a conventional salmon and feeds more efficiently. The have genetically modified two fish together to produce the super salmon. The Canadian salmon accounts for 90% of the world salmon market.This solution would make the salmon cheaper to buy and get more for your money, as they would be twice the size of the normal Atlantic salmon. The eggs would be produced at Prince Edward island Canada and the would be shipped to Panama where they would be reared to market size in above ground level tanks most likely in sanctuaries designed for the fish to reduce the chance of the genetically engineered salmon been interacted with the native salmon and reproducing. The image 1.2 is one of the sanctuaries in the highland of panama been trialed. Then the fish would be transported back to the United States for retail sale. If this solution were to work this GM fish would be the world’s first transgenic food consumed by a human. If this solution was to be implemented the aqua bounty company would profit and so would the consumer. As the super salmon is growing at twice the rate of a conventional salmon this enabling more produce to be sold and less expensive as the endangered species is growing it population. The projected consumer of this GM food is a high socially economic citizen as they will be able to afford it. This will be applied in a local context at first but might develop into a global context.

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There are many critics protesting against the genetically modified foods, as they think that it will affect that species. Whereas scientists are enhancing the organisms growth, resistance to pesticides and benefiting the farmers by increasing their profit and the consumer, as they are getting more for their dollar. These foods enable farmers to make more profit on their produce as the have a larger volume of crops or organisms been processed and then sold. Aqua Bounty is currently listed on the stock market and is slowing rising in price as more people are finding this great solution as they ...

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