Investigating the Conditions Needed for Germination

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Investigating the Conditions Needed for Germination


All seeds are in the period of dormancy before emerging to growth. Dormancy ends when germination takes place. Germination is the growth of a germinal plant included within a seed. Different variables are needed for successful germination to occur. Only under favorable conditions does a seed begin to germinate resuming the embryonic tissues growth.

1.2 Research Question

The purpose of this experiment is to conduct a coherent experiment in order to find out what are the requirements for germination to take place. What conditions the seed has to have to begin the germinating process.

1.3 Hypothesis

Using previous knowledge I can predict that the seeds will require water, oxygen, light and nutrients from soil in order for germination to take place.

1.4 Variables

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The independent variables are going to be sun light, water, oxygen, temperature and pH levels. The dependent variables are going to be the growth of the seeds in the experiment. Controlled variables will be the Petri dishes, tissue paper, the seeds used and the amount of water provide for the seeds.


2.1 Apparatus

  • Petri dishes
  • Carrot seeds
  • Tissue paper
  • Pipette
  • Beaker

2.2 Method

Fill each dish with tissue paper and place 5 seeds per petri dish. Then set the conditions for each dish. Place one dish in light, another in artificial light, ...

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