Predation and natural selection simulation

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Juan Pablo Sanucci Pl 2        Standar level.

Predation and natural selection simulation


Aim:  The aim of this is to investigate wich of the breaks of three different species: Cucharita cucharita (spoon beak), Tenedoricus toritlla (fork beak), Cuchillaria cuchillaria (knife beak) is better for catching different types of food, like grass seeds and more.

Variables: fix variable: the time(in seconds) and the floor.

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                 Independent variable: The type of beak.

                 Dependent variable: This is the units of food collected.


  1. Set up any material needed.
  2. Collect different types of food.
  3. Spread the food on the floor.
  4. Start to collect the food with the different beaks in a period of time of 20 seconds.
  5. Count the food collected
  6. Annotate the results on a table.
  7. Repeat all this steps until all the different foods are tested.
  8. Put all the results in a table.

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