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International Baccalaureate: Business Studies

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  1. Business Skills - Using Office Equipment

    2.1 Explain the purpose of following manufacturers' instructions when using equipment. To maximise the best use of equipment and to prevent any errors or loss of data. 2.2 Explain the purpose of following organisational instructions when using equipment. To follow health and safety rules and to keep equipment in a safe manner. Following my organisational instructions when using equipment can also maximise my working time. 2.3 Identify health and safety procedures for using different types of equipment. We keep all electrical away from liquids and keep all equipment in the correct places to keep them from being exposed to which they may come to some damage.

    • Word count: 603
  2. Analysing Job sectors in Canada. Identify trends in employment and occupational demand patterns for two job positions in two industries (each) for two different provinces.

    Services are routinely outsourced to specialized companies, and that trend is expected to continue in health care, law, accounting, architecture, engineering and construction. As the population ages, health-care specialists of all kinds will continue to be a huge growth area in employment. Other professionals are seeing similar levels of demand. Alberta, which has seen layoffs in the oil patch recently, still projects a long-term demand for more engineers, and companies are increasingly using their services as oil sands projects begin to get underway following a period of delays.

    • Word count: 7045
  3. Financial Controller - Business Partner or Not? This is an investigation of the claim by Graham et al. (2012:1) that there has been a change in the role of the Financial Controller. A diachronic analysis of job adverts will attempt to determine the resear

    This new technology provides companies with most of the data which Controllers used to produced. Because of this new technology more time is available for Controllers to give advice and to function as a business partner (Baldvinsdottir et al., 2009:867). RESEARCH METHOD Job advertisements from 1960 to 2012 were used as primary data; gathered from The Times (London). The data from 1970 till 1985 was compared with data from current job adverts. Ten adverts from each decade were analysed to discover what different tasks Controllers were assigned to do and how these tasks had changed over time (see appendix I).

    • Word count: 4853
  4. In this paper, we will focus in four main factors which had the most impacts on the 2010 residential market in Ho Chi Minh City.

    In 2010, there were also some new policies released by the state that affected the market. In this paper, we will focus in four main factors which had the most impacts on the 2010 residential market in Ho Chi Minh City. II. Factors Affected The Residential Market : 2.1 Gold: Highly-increasing gold price affected the real estate market in general and the residential session in particular because of the habit of purchasing land and houses by gold. Gold price increasing continuously makes the common market full of mixed information and difficult to orient.

    • Word count: 4402
  5. In this paper, we will study the case of Intel, a semiconductor chip maker, to know about its corporate responsibility during 2009, to see how they incorporate CSR into their strategies and objectives,

    At begin of establishment, Intel's primary products were SRAM and DRAM chips. In 1971, Intel manufactured the world first microprocessor, the 4004, the first CPU on a single chip. Being driven by business and technological needs, the company shifted its focus on producing microprocessor in 1980s. Taking the most advantages as the pioneer in microprocessor development and manufacturing, Intel has been dominating the world microprocessor market since the release of its first product. As of today, the company is named as the largest chipmaker in the world, dominating the microprocessor market with over 80 percent contribution of overall sales, where more of revenue comes from Asia Pacific.

    • Word count: 4456
  6. Thai Tuan Textile Company, Vietnam - Marketing Strategies

    Income in 2006 was 25 million USD of which 50% came from domestic market. Thai Tuan established distribution system all over 64 provinces in Vietnam with 3 branches, 7 showrooms, 300 agents and 3,500 distributors. Thai Tuan 's products and brand are developing not only in national but also in worldwide markets which are attending in 10 countries in Asian, Middle East area, Australia and the United States. In the condition of competitiveness nowadays, especially when Vietnam joined the World Trade Organisation, Thai Tuan is keeping its foothold in the markets. With this report, we would like to present the marketing strategy of Thai Tuan to explain how Thai Tuan is situated in today's market.

    • Word count: 6244
  7. Chinese Law case - dangerous water heater in an apartment

    Since May 1, 2000 the government decided to prohibit the sale of the straight platoon-type gas water heaters. P sued D2, the landlord, who was equipped the illegal household appliances. Another important fact is that they didn't have a written contract between the victims in this case and the landlord. Issue Whose conduct was a substantial factor in bringing about the death of the decedents and who should take the responsibilities of the decedents? Analysis According to the facts, the substantial factor in bringing about the decedents' injuries is that the use of the illegal straight platoon-type gas water heaters, which caused the decedents Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

    • Word count: 1059
  8. This essay discusses that the importance of ethical principles by applied globally by multinational companies.

    The truly multinational companies must come to grips with the legal and moral atmosphere in which they operate. They need to establish an environment that fosters ethical behavior, because in the final analysis to do otherwise decrease their profitability. A part of ethical business' popularity because in times of economic instability people feel valued and trusted for their service. Ethical businesses offer positive social impact and take a more than profit approach to their work, which means that they are not purely driven by their bottom line. This doesn't mean to say that ethical businesses aren't profitable, the benefits of an ethical culture overweigh the costs, far from it in fact as adopting a more ethically minded approach

    • Word count: 1678
  9. This report is about training. It is essential to give staff opportunities to train. It is also necessary to train staff in order to maximize their contribution to the Ben Sherman Clothing Company. I

    The topics to be covered by the training may include: * Understand the knowledge and programmes of export * The legal items about export * The custom of target market * The export policies in China and import policies in UK, know how to use these. * How to communicate and cooperate with customers in target market There are still some other essential topics to be covered by the trainingi: * Export essential * Customers regulations and export declarations * Changes to customers regulations * Purchasing from overseas * Letters of credit * Trading with the UK * Understanding trade

    • Word count: 1344
  10. Characteristics and Responsibilities of an Operations Manager

    They are the ones that convey confidence in all of their actions. When they speak, they demand authority and respect. However, a leader never forgets about the team he/she is running and makes sure to encourage and support their team where needed. A good leader will also never be afraid to admit when he/she has made a mistake. > Great Planner Operations Managers easily organize all the parts of a project and join it into one functioning whole. In order to do this, the Organization Manager must be able to break down the parts and put them into a plan.

    • Word count: 555
  11. Business plan for a manufacturer of luxury, eco-friendly cars.

    Also, briefing the team on each member's roles and necessary tasks which needed to be completed. Human Resource Director - Roles and responsibilities include ensuring the welfare of each team member, and also, dealing with any disputes or grievances which concern the company and all members within the company. Marketing Director Roles and responsibilities include deciding and planning a marketing strategy, within a budget, to ensure successful advertisement of the product. Research and Development Director - The roles and responsibilities include the formation of a research and development strategy for the company to work alongside with, in order for our mission to be achieved.

    • Word count: 3421
  12. Environment and Gasoline Taxes. My thought about increase of gas taxes so the use of cars would be limited is the following; I agree with this idea, because in my opinion persons life is more important than the comfort of the motor vehicle and I

    Transport industry is a potential source of environmental pollution. Of the 35 million tons of harmful emissions 89% are accounted for emissions of transport (cars, busses and etc.). In addition, transportation is a major source of noise in urban areas and contributes significantly to the thermal pollution. Cars burn a lot of oil, causing considerable damage to both the environment and the atmosphere. Every year the number of vehicles increases and, consequently, increases the content of harmful substances that vehicles produce. The constant increase of the cars on the road has some negative impact on the environment and human health.

    • Word count: 886
  13. Team Positive Influence. When objectives are clear, each team member is motivated in achieving his or her duties therefore, managers and leaders can influence teams performance.

    Inclusion Allowing team members, equal chance to participate provide each person the opportunity to believe he or she is part of the team. The success of the team in not dependent of one person doing all the work, it is a collaboration of all member in the team. Therefore, including everyone allows members with different viewpoints, personalities, and cultures the freedom to speak out and perform at a high level. Influence Teams Manager's ability to communicate with the team plays an important role on how manager effectively influence the group.

    • Word count: 1051
  14. Antitrust Law and the case of Microsoft.

    As a result, the government has enacted antitrust laws to restrict or eliminate business practices that are considered monopolizing. However, the laws implemented by congress forbid and prohibit act of discriminatory pricing against customers. The law disallows takeover, merger or acquisition of companies that will lessen competition and others out of business. Hence, in 1998 the Department of Justice filed suit against Microsoft Corporation alleging the company bungled internet Explorer web browser along with its Windows operating system to gain a competitive edge in order to remain a viable source and be profitability. Microsoft strategic efforts were to outlast, outwit competitors through innovation and customer demands, which gave them monopoly power over its operating system and web browser sales.

    • Word count: 607
  15. Small vs Large Organizations. Economies of scale might not always benefit the customers.

    Less "competition" in a market would usually mean higher prices for customers. Lastly, economies of scale are a disadvantage to customers by it leading to "monopolies". It would lead to monopolies because "economies of scale" encourages businesses to grow and as they grow they may acquire other firms related to it to eliminate the competition. The elimination of competition would lead to firms holding a "monopoly" in a market like Airbus and Boeing in this case study, which would allow them to control the prices of products in a market. b) Economies of scale may be inappropriate, undesirable, or inaccessible for certain businesses because of many reasons.

    • Word count: 1032
  16. Disney's takeover of Pixar - advantages and disadvantages.

    Additionally, by acquiring Pixar they would be able to continue to sell merchandise for films like Buzz Lightyear and earn profits from that without having to follow a distribution deal. b) Many problems can develop for businesses during a takeover. One of the main problems a business and especially larger ones can face during a takeover would be regulatory problems. Regulations from the government is an issue during takeovers because they can stop it from taking place altogether. Regulations on takeovers are put in place by government because it helps in preventing a business from creating a "monopoly" and controlling an entire market and its prices.

    • Word count: 574
  17. Business plan - . Organic food industry is growing in Lithuania and big chain Stores like Maxima, IKI, and others have their sections of organic food, but very few offer home deliveries.

    Organic food industry is growing in Lithuania and big chain Stores like "Maxima", "IKI", and others have their sections of organic food, but very few offer home deliveries. Despite that, companies compete with the variety of eco-production, which most of the time does not have a certificate to be labelled as eco-product.

    • Word count: 517
  18. Singapore Airlines. We choose five management actions that could be adopted by SIA to improve their business

    Customers can book and buy air tickets online; this method can bring the customers convenience and save their time. For a suggestion, SIA can use the technology on the entertainment which passengers can enjoy. Such as in-flight movies, games and personal on-demand videos. The game system is networked to allow interactive playing by many passengers. These entertainments will bring happiness to the passengers and let them enjoy their trip. SIA should develop a kind of green flight show a high level improvement of technology, and it has announced that it will continue to work with government and suppliers with the aim of a sustainable future for industry.

    • Word count: 1359
  19. This essay will compare two hotels, the five star hotel- Jumeriah in Knightsbridge and the budget hotel- Premier Inn in Hammersmith. The key aspects of such comparisons are based on the classifications of hospitality systems- economic, market-based, syste

    There is another type of classification which continues to engage in independent research into the industry. The HTF (Hospitality Training Foundation) produces a statistical report on the industry (HTF, 1999), which identifies the size and scale of different sectors. However, the differentiation between these two hotels will be found in others classifications according to the service quality and facilities later in this essay. (Brotherton 2000) Other organizations with an overview of the industry are trade associations, such as 'British Hospitality Association' .Their data sources include government sources such as BTA (British Tourist Authority), market intelligence reports such as Mintel and Keynote.

    • Word count: 1881
  20. Project Management Plan. The author intends to explain the management plan for project Happy Feet which will encompass changing a carpet flooring structure with a laminate floor covering. The author represents that there is a suspected allergen issue and

    The human resources allocated to complete this project are as follows: The leader of this project is going to be Karen White. The financial needs will be a***s in the planning stages of the project by Karen. The reason tat the family has decided not to outsource this project is because it will be more financially sound decision. Resources Available It has been determined that the number of people it would take and the level of expertise needed have been acquired within the family. Dedra and Anthony will be doing most of the labor and Karen will be the supervisor.

    • Word count: 1054
  21. Globalization - Coffee & Value Chain. What is the likely value chain of a coffee shop? For example, how did the varieties of coffee beans get there? What is the likely effect of market globalization on coffee shops? Do technical advances play any role in

    as it pertains to the growth or success of his business and the affects it has on others within the coffee value chain. Coffee is imported from various countries such as Brazil, Vietnam, Columbia, Indonesia, Mexico, India, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Peru. These countries happen to be the top ten green coffee producers of the world. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economics_of_coffee The two types of coffee plants most widely cultivated are grown in tropical and subtropical regions. Small, often family run, coffee farms in developing countries account for roughly 70% of the coffee supply production.

    • Word count: 801
  22. Google & Organizational Effectiveness. The purpose of this paper is, through review of Googles annual report; discuss how Google evaluates its own organizational effectiveness by answering the questions below.

    1 Google is widely known for its perks, to including free food at any of its cafeterias, a climbing wall, and free laundry. Last year, with revenue up more than 20%, Google gave every employee a 10% pay hike. 2 In the chapter-opening case the co-founders of Google had different opinions about the importance of maintaining the firm's culture by keeping units at their natural size. Has Google gotten too big? I don't know if they've necessarily become too big, but there is certainly a potential for this to happen at some point.

    • Word count: 1030
  23. Role of Mentoring in Managing Professional Career Development

    41 .40.9;0 4,8 ,730 7113 5 :.38 :.,3,3 5 30;9,- 90 ., 3349 ;0 3 84,943 -:9 ,;0 94 3907,.9 ,3/ 4507,90 9 90 ;,74:8 89,04/078 3 90 /07 0.4342. ,3/ 84.,03;7432039 %003;7432039 83.09089,7941:2,38947 8 ,,8.,33,3/9047,38,9438,3/5045093902,;094 .4393:4:8 0;4;0 ,3/ ,/,59 94 90 30 89:,943 47 1,.0 90 /70 5488-9 41 /0280 40;07 90 7,90 41 .,30 9,9 8 -03 050703.0/3902/ 8945708039920,8-003503420343,3/ :3570.0/0390/ ,8 /0243897,90/ - !79.099 3 8 7080,7. 41 3047,-98 %070 ,70 ;,74:8 ,8 94 .,904780 9080 .,308 43843 ,3/ $.408 74:50/ 90 03;7432039, .,308 ,110.93 ,3 47,38,943 394 14:7 .,904708 3,20 549., 0, 0.4342.

    • Word count: 2000
  24. ITEC is an information technology company and it has the successful business in Spain. Now it wants to enter to the UK market to develop its business what is selling franchises for advertising. This report is mainly about the analysis of its key opportuni

    ITEC has an excellent business performance in the local market. In the contemporary situation, it wants to expand its business to the international market. The UK market is a very important portal for its internationalizing. In the following content, it would do an analysis about its key opportunities based on the SWOT analysis and Porter's diamond model. The SWOT analysis would analyze its micro situation and Porter's diamond model should emphasize macro situation. 2.1 SWOT analysis: This report gives a SWOT analysis about the opportunities of ITEC (see appendix 1).

    • Word count: 1942
  25. Case Study: Tesco and Dobbies. Analyse the benefits to Tesco taking over Dobbies.

    If there is increasing demand, the price rises. (4) (ii) Explain what might have happened to Dobbies' share price if Sir Tom Hunter and Apax Partners had pursued their interest in the company. Tesco weren't the only ones interested in Dobbies, Apax Partners and Sir Tom Hunter were also interested on it. Because of speculations the share prise rose. Because both of them renounced their first idea the price of the share fell again.

    • Word count: 576

IB Business and Management has a distinctly international flavour. Students are expected to contextualize the subjects and themes using a variety of local, national and global examples. The study of business at this level looks at business structures, strategies and operations, at specific roles within organisations such as marketing, human resources and operations, and at how businesses are affected by social, cultural and ethical factors. The very operation of business is a process of decision-making and review, and students will analyse why certain decisions are made and how internal and external factors affect those decisions. The world of global business is one which changes by the day and plenty of up-to-date and topical examples and case studies will be covered; you'll be expected to keep on top of the business news to help inform your study. Assessment is achieved both internally (by researchproject), and eternally (by examinations). Marked by Teachers has a wide range of IB Business and Management essay answer examples which will enable you to gain some extremely useful insights into the sorts of answers you'll need to be able to present.


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