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International Baccalaureate: Business Studies

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  1. Competing against Wal-Mart

    Competitive advantage through differentiation Grocery stores and general merchandise stores need to realign their business plans. Differentiating products is how new firms can succeed today. By manufacturing products according to the customer needs and supporting that with a great service is how new companies can compete against Wal-Mart. The stores should offer wide variety and high quality products for customers looking for more collection. Supply and Distribution Strategy With the unique supply chain and the distribution strategy Wal-Mart fetch the products quickly from suppliers and partners and transfers the products from the dock to stores and customers in 72 hours.

    • Word count: 449
  2. Case Analysis. Since the beginning of Madonnas career she has been thriving to become one of the worlds top entertainers

    When interviewed by Dick Clark in 1984, Madonna was asked what she wanted to do when she grew up? Her answer was simple: ?rule the world? (Grant, 2011. p491) Forbes (2010) placed Madonna in the top 25 moneymakers in entertainment, earning 58 million dollars this year. Her success has not been through sheer luck, but through perceptive business behavior that gives her room to reinvent herself year after year. Her triumph in the industry has allowed her reproduce her work through movies, writing, and numerous additional business opportunities, increasing her value throughout time.

    • Word count: 710
  3. Business and Management IA Research Proposal -How Should Afrisians Ginning Limited reduce the increased costs in production that arise due to power cuts in Mwanza and ensure consistent pricing from farmers to increase output and profitability for the firm

    This has been a problematic situation for the company as they have invested a lot in fixed assets in Mwanza and they are unable to move the operations to another facility as they will lose a lot of money. Moreover, farmers in Mwanza have been charging higher prices in fear of commodity prices fluctuations and they also tend to sell to the buyer that offers the highest price, hence due to the increased level of production costs, Afrisians need to increase their prices.

    • Word count: 701
  4. Peugeot and the problem of product recalls.

    At the same time, recalling a vehicle already means that the vehicle could cause harm to the customers if it is not fixed. This means that customer would again have a negative view of the company simply because the product endangers their life. Thirdly, a product recall of a massive scale usually involves the press or media and the media is well known for making situations out of proportions which again would damage the firm?s reputation.

    • Word count: 508
  5. Ben & Jerry's Case Analisys

    Porter states that cost advantages arise from performing company activities more efficiently than competitors and Ben & Jerry?s ineffectiveness to do this was causing a decrease in profit and increase in debt. Resolving the company?s costly equipment problems was one of Robert Holland?s top priorities when becoming the new CEO. Another top priority was to focus on Ben & Jerry?s unique activities as a key success factor to gain competitive advantage over their competitors. For example, their corporate strategy to integrate product quality with social responsibility is a key factor in the successful operation of the company.

    • Word count: 630

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