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International Baccalaureate: Business Studies

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  1. Marketing Plan. Launching a Karaoke Bar in Bangladesh

    Our plan is to launch the bar in Dhanmondi since it is one of the popular places for gatherings. KARAOKE AVENUE has a great opportunity in the market because of the location we have chosen and mainly because there are no other karaoke bars anywhere in Bangladesh. The other reason is that, the huge population of youngsters in the city love to have fun and they never hesitate to try something new and unique. Our Management team will consist of the owners who will be involved in making all major decisions regarding the bar, then we will have the bar manger, the food and drink servers, karaoke jockeys and the maintenance staff.

    • Word count: 2747
  2. 3.5 Final Accounts Questions

    Secondly, managers care about the final accounts of a business because the financial information gives them the ability to set targets and strategically plan for the business. Lastly, financiers care about the final accounts of a business because they would need to know completely if a business is able to pay back their loans before giving a credit or loans to them. 3. Is a company ?giving away secrets" by publishing Final accounts? No companies do not give away secrets by publishing final accounts since the final accounts of smaller companies are usually seen by very little people like accountants.

    • Word count: 913
  3. Clorox was willing to pay almost $1 billion for Burts Bees because the company sees big opportunities in the market for green products.

    Clorox was willing to pay almost $1 billion for Burt?s Bees because the company sees big opportunities in the market for green products. These products are now readily available to consumers that may not specifically target green products but want the name or associated benefits of the product. However, there must be oversight of claims that products are environmentally and socially responsible in addition to being made from true natural ingredients. For Clorox, Burt's gives Clorox its first major entry into personal care and furthers its involvement in two consumer megatrends: sustainability and "health and wellness."

    • Word count: 598
  4. To compare the operations between the manufacturing organization and service organization, I have taken the example of Mahindra automobile sector as a manufacturing organization and State bank of India banking sector as service organization.

    In the service sector like State Bank of India the main motto of this sector is to provide customer service?s like ATM services, Safety deposit locker, foreign inward remittances, E-pay. Where their focus is to give customer the utmost satisfaction with their service, for example for a customer to open an account in the bank the stages are, first the customer need to get a form from the counter available in the bank, fill it and attest the necessary required documents along with an introducer who already has an account there.

    • Word count: 1951
  5. Explain the behavior and cognitive approaches to learning. Which is most relevant to training?

    While behaviorist theories explain learning in terms of strictly observable behavior with the learner as a passive recipient of knowledge through stimulus-response interaction with the environment, cognitivists view the learner as an active participant in the learning process. Cognitivist place greater interest in knowledge, meaning, intentions, feelings, creativity, expectations and thoughts as well as cognitive structures and processes such as memory, perception, problem-solving, comprehension, attention, and concept- Learning. Despite the major difference between the two theories?the fact that behaviorists do not take into account the mental processes that underlie cognitive learning theory?cognitivists and behaviorists share similar beliefs.

    • Word count: 529
  6. The Career of Sheryl Sandberg - Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, A voice for women

    Her father Joel Sandberg is an ophthalmologist and her mother Adele Sandberg an English & French teacher. Her family moved to North Miami Beach, Florida when Sheryl was two years old where she was raised and attended a public school. Being Jewish, the Sandberg?s were very much involved in helping Soviet Jews and their home became an unofficial headquarter for Soviet Jews wanting to escape anti-Semitism. Sheryl was always at the top of her class and taught aerobics in high school in the 1980s (Facebook, 2012).

    • Word count: 2651
  7. How does an international chain hotel and individual hotel operate differently ?

    For primary research also called field research I will create an online survey to find out how do people chose between individual and international hotel and which kind of hotels do people prefer more based on the quality of service, facility and value for money . According to this feedback from customers, I can start understand more about the differences between these two kinds of hotel and this will guide me to answer how the hotel operates differently. And it will also help when I doing the marketing mix because I will make my own marketing mix for both types of hotels using my data information.

    • Word count: 4035
  8. The purpose of this report is to outline the opportunities and threats for Australian businesses considering expanding international trade into China.

    PEST analysis examines the external environment and global factors that might affect a business on its globalization. A PEST report focuses on a chosen area?s political, economy, social and technology opportunities and threats for a business considering expanding its business into that area. The purpose of this report is to outline the opportunities and threats for Australian businesses considering expanding international trade into China. 2 Main Findings and Analysis 2.1 Political Opportunities and Threats China?s official name is People's Republic of China (PRC). The Political constitution of PRC is based on a single-party socialist republic. It means that political power is exercised mostly through one party called the Communist Party, as well as through the Central People's

    • Word count: 1718
  9. Introduction to e-commerce. Benefits, risks and legislation.

    DNS servers: DNS servers are used to translate your site name, for eg-www.myspace.com, to the numbers called "IP addresses" that computers understand. If DNS servers are not working properly, then end-users will not be able to find your site and will get an error. Usually only an external or remote monitoring service will detect such a problem. 1. Hardware ( e.g Web Servers): A web server with appropriate software is solution to successful e-commerce. The total storage space and electronic power required for the Web server depends on two things mainly, which are: the software that must run on the server and the volume of e-commerce transactions that must be processed.

    • Word count: 2263
  10. Pestle for the Volkwagen Golf and Sony Xplod

    The environmental policy will definitely increase its impact in the future due to global warming and decreasing natural resources. People will have to find their ways how to produce more goods with less damaging nature. VW car company is already now working on it and trying out new ways how to make cars more environmentally friendly. CO emission tax is another factor of getting a new car, however not all countries have it. 1. Economic factors The product will be sold worldwide. However, not all countries are on the same development level. Since the VW Golf and Sony XPlod product is quite expensive, only a relatively small amount of people will be able to afford it.

    • Word count: 794
  11. My paper on the Deltic Timber Corporation provides an overview of the company, and through using Porter`s 5 forces model, presenting the strategic analysis of both the company and its industry.

    1. The threat of new entrants. Deltic Timber Corp., operating in lumber industry, suffers very high competition. While the barriers to start up a lumber manufacturing corporation are not impossible to overcome, the threat of new entrants is big. 1. Power of suppliers. Historically, retailers have tried to exploit relationships with suppliers. In this business the suppliers do not have so high influence. Deltic timber Corp. has 480 acres of forest and it supplies its manufacturing on its own. Thus, it is not dependable on suppliers. 1. Power of buyers. Individually, customers have little bargaining power with it because the demand for wood is big.

    • Word count: 5289
  12. Competing against Wal-Mart

    Competitive advantage through differentiation Grocery stores and general merchandise stores need to realign their business plans. Differentiating products is how new firms can succeed today. By manufacturing products according to the customer needs and supporting that with a great service is how new companies can compete against Wal-Mart. The stores should offer wide variety and high quality products for customers looking for more collection. Supply and Distribution Strategy With the unique supply chain and the distribution strategy Wal-Mart fetch the products quickly from suppliers and partners and transfers the products from the dock to stores and customers in 72 hours.

    • Word count: 449
  13. Using a diary system has many different purposes and can bring many benefits to the business.

    1. Describe different types of diary systems 1. Online systems are quite common. These are usually via a website, for example Sugar, and everyone within the organisation can have their own individual log in so that they can manually add in any entries themselves. These diary systems are usually very safe as the only way of accessing them is through logging in and you need a password to do so. This means that anyone that is not part of the organisation will not be able to access this system.

    • Word count: 1074
  14. How to manage your own performance in a business environment

    are able to delegate a task to myself and know who is responsible for this if this is not completed within the given timescale. It also ensures that the right person can be consulted should a member of staff or management have a problem with the task or need to ask speak to the member of staff in particular who completed the task, should a complaint of query arise this process will ensure a fast resolution. In a workplace, you will need to be able to negotiate realistic targets at work and explain why you are doing so.

    • Word count: 1974
  15. Case Analysis. Since the beginning of Madonnas career she has been thriving to become one of the worlds top entertainers

    When interviewed by d**k Clark in 1984, Madonna was asked what she wanted to do when she grew up? Her answer was simple: ?rule the world? (Grant, 2011. p491) Forbes (2010) placed Madonna in the top 25 moneymakers in entertainment, earning 58 million dollars this year. Her success has not been through sheer luck, but through perceptive business behavior that gives her room to reinvent herself year after year. Her triumph in the industry has allowed her reproduce her work through movies, writing, and numerous additional business opportunities, increasing her value throughout time.

    • Word count: 710
  16. How can P.T Godwin Austen Indonesia raise capital/funds for growth into the shipping and logistics sectors?

    the shipping and logistics sectors?? Procedure/Methodology: This report aims to carry out a feasibility study to manage the cash flow of P.T Godwin Austen Indonesia, and monitor their expenditures, revenue, and profit and loss accounts, to help better manage their cash flow, in order to raise more capital for growth in management and distribution of the business. To follow through with planning for the management of cash flow for P.T Godwin Austen, I had to take a look at their cash flow statements, as well as their profit and loss accounts.

    • Word count: 1655
  17. Business Management Case question. Should Kingfisher Airlines terminate its airline services instead of making losses?

    2. Quality services with more than 80 destinations. 3. Less than 100 crew and employees per aircraft. Weakness 1. Heavy depts to suppliers. 2. High costs for ticketing. Opportunities 1. Expanding their air travel business to more destinations. 2. Increasing the reputation as for providing the best in-air services. Threats 1. Tough competition from other Indian airlines. 2. Rising fuel and labour costs. 3. A fall in the demand along with the maintenance and infrastructure issues. A SWOT analysis gives an overview of all the on going issues and opportunities for the firm. This allows the firm to cope up and increase their market share in competition with others in the market.

    • Word count: 1631
  18. 7p's of Tourism In Bangladesh

    The sample comprised of more than ten Governmental and non-governmental institutes those who are working with the tourism in Bangladesh. Necessary information and data were collected from direct interview and from official website of the agencies. 1.5 Limitations of the study The study covered very limited number of sample organization in respect of its real scope all over the country. To overcome these limitations, an intensive study of existing literature in this field, foreign journal, relevant publication by Government and other private agencies were studied.

    • Word count: 4956
  19. Organisational Behaviour (in short called as OB) is concerned with the study of the behaviour and interaction of people in restricted or organised settings.

    Describe 2. Understand 3. Predict, AND 4. Control. Task 1: 1. Compare and contrast different organisational structures and culture 2. Explain how the relationship between an organisation?s structure and culture can impact on the performance of the business 3. Discuss the factors which influence individual behaviour at work First of all, an organisational structure refers to how an organisation has Hierarchical subordinates of persons concerned to achieve the same goal. The culture of an organisation can be described as the value, attitudes and beliefs of people within an organisation. The structure and the culture of the organisation reflects the aims and strategies to be accomplished.

    • Word count: 6543
  20. Case Study - increasing Apple's profitability.

    Apple should find how to increase their market share. Apple should increase their retail presence by making their products available in more retail stores and locations and expand to more carriers if possible. Apple should work to make its products more compatible and increase the variety of their product line up. SIGNIFICANT FACTORS The key issues in the case relevant to our central issue are; 1) the need to include more actions to increase sale such as making products more accessible. 2) Also creating a differentiation-base advantage by differentiating and expanding Apple product line, appealing to a wider array of consumers with products at different price points.

    • Word count: 1035
  21. Globalisation needs to be controlled.Analyse this statement in the light of recent events (such as the global credit crunch and reports of low-paid labour in developing and less developed countries).

    The economic inequality among people is still growing ? while the percentage of the poor in the world is increasing, the rich double their incomes. This in turn gives grounds for people to doubt in equal distribution of resources and opportunities among people. Pros and Cons of Globalisation 1. Free movement of capitals ? offers access to the foreign investments to many countries like the USA, mainly through FDIs. It?s a good opportunity for emerging countries to improve their economies and infrastructure.

    • Word count: 2828
  22. Sport Marketing Report - Marquiz Thermal Fitness Club of Seoul.

    Marquiz Thermal Spa & Fitness Club is known as Asia?s largest fitness club (by visitkorea.com) so the place is really big. It spans 14,212 m2, almost as big as two soccer fields, and has 3 floors. The place is really beautiful, and designed in luxurious way, as a part of 5 star hotel facilities. When you enter the hotel, you will see the sign inside the elevator that show location of Marquiz Thermal Spa & Fitness Club. After you arrive on B2 floor, turn right and there will be several receptionists in front of the fitness club who will serve and help you with a very kind way and smile.

    • Word count: 1061
  23. Business and Management IA Research Proposal -How Should Afrisians Ginning Limited reduce the increased costs in production that arise due to power cuts in Mwanza and ensure consistent pricing from farmers to increase output and profitability for the firm

    This has been a problematic situation for the company as they have invested a lot in fixed assets in Mwanza and they are unable to move the operations to another facility as they will lose a lot of money. Moreover, farmers in Mwanza have been charging higher prices in fear of commodity prices fluctuations and they also tend to sell to the buyer that offers the highest price, hence due to the increased level of production costs, Afrisians need to increase their prices.

    • Word count: 701
  24. Peugeot and the problem of product recalls.

    At the same time, recalling a vehicle already means that the vehicle could cause harm to the customers if it is not fixed. This means that customer would again have a negative view of the company simply because the product endangers their life. Thirdly, a product recall of a massive scale usually involves the press or media and the media is well known for making situations out of proportions which again would damage the firm?s reputation.

    • Word count: 508
  25. Ben & Jerry's Case Analisys

    Porter states that cost advantages arise from performing company activities more efficiently than competitors and Ben & Jerry?s ineffectiveness to do this was causing a decrease in profit and increase in debt. Resolving the company?s costly equipment problems was one of Robert Holland?s top priorities when becoming the new CEO. Another top priority was to focus on Ben & Jerry?s unique activities as a key success factor to gain competitive advantage over their competitors. For example, their corporate strategy to integrate product quality with social responsibility is a key factor in the successful operation of the company.

    • Word count: 630

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