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International Baccalaureate: Business Studies

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  1. Ratio analysis measures company financial position from past data. Ratio analysis is based on company balance sheet and income statement. There are various types in ratio analysis.

    Huge increase of cost of sales effect the gross profit ratio. Management should look for the cheaper source of raw material. They should look for alternative suppliers from some other country. b) Net Profit Ratio: This ratio indicates the relationship between net profit (before interest and tax) and net sales. Higher the net profit ratio is good for the firm. Net Profit Ratio = In 2008 Net Profit Ratio = = = 10% In 2009 Net Profit Ratio = = = 8.73% In 2010 Net Profit Ratio = = = 8.05% Net profit Ratio has decreased from 10% to 8.05% in 2008 to 2010.

    • Word count: 1484
  2. Case study - the following will explore the possible causes of why overseas Chinese young female students like Topshop so much.

    Nowadays, Topshop is one of lead clothing retailers in the United Kingdom. It sells fashion clothes and accessories for both men and women. The target consumers of the company are young fashion males and females on a budget (Philip, P. 2008). Topshop has over 300 branches in England with its flagshop store located in London Oxford Street. Each week, it attracts over 20 million consumers to patronize. Topshop have 100,000 new products on sale weekly. It brings the high street fashion pop from England to occident and then Asia (Baidu, 2009).

    • Word count: 1661
  3. Exploring team development

    Informal: An informal team is a group of people who develop on a less structured way. Permanent: A permanent team is a group of people who are put together on a long term basis for a particular reason. Temporary: A temporary team is a group of people who are employed by a company for a short period of time. The role of the marketing team in Tesco is: Making sure those customers know about products and service that Tesco have.

    • Word count: 948
  4. Exploring team developmentp4

    Also because Jaguar are a car manufacturing company and they use highly flammable liquid they will have to make sure their fire safety plans are at high standard and make sure staff get regular training. This is where Jaguar will have to have fire equipment and fire training in place. The different types of fire equipment Jaguar will have include: Smoke detectors fitted in through out their showrooms and factories. They will need this in case there are any fires and workers are not aware of this, the smoke detectors will detect the smoke and then sound the alarms.

    • Word count: 1246
  5. Women in Business

    Among corporate executers this number hits worryingly 50%. There must be some ways to solve this baby hunger. First of all, the employees who want to work part-time, or reduced hours, should not experience any discrimination by the employers, which happens very often nowadays, unfortunately. With the world changing, there needs to be a new template for behavior for both men, and women. Everyone's interests would be served if we tried to develop a new conception of what a successful life should look like, for men and women. One of the promising ideas is the "four thirds" position.

    • Word count: 1003
  6. Leadership styles and analysis of my leadership skills.

    Leadership must set goals or specific task that need to be implemented by their worker, ability to plan work activities with specific set time is very important, leadership must clarify each goal making it plane, understandable and provide specific objective for each goals. Leadership must monitor the progress of tasks giving to their followers and rate performance setting up a standard of achievement. And finally leadership must be supportive, developmental and possess the ability to recognize failure before it appears on surface and likewise successful task.

    • Word count: 3114
  7. BP Financial analysis

    12 i. Super major oil production performance chart 2001 - 2009 12 ii. Total replacement cost profit before interest and tax (RCPBIT) chart 2005 - 2009 12 Section 2 - BP plc - SWOT analysis overview 13 Section 3 - Oil industry 14 Section 4 - BP plc - financial performance 2005 - 2009 15 - 28 4.1 Overview 15 - 18 4.2 Profitability 19 - 20 4.3 Liquidity 21 4.4 Efficiency 22 - 25 4.5 Investment 26 - 28 Section 5 - BP plc - financial performance 2005 - 2009 against its competitors 29 - 39 5.1 Overview 29

    • Word count: 6661
  8. Human Resource Management

    It can be seen as the formal process for collecting information from and about the staff of an organization for decision making purposes. Performance appraisal acts as the basis for setting future targets and objectives for the company in the context of the potential of its employees. It enables then to have an insight on its employees' performance and form an opinion as to who deserves a reward and who deserves punishment. Performance appraisal has many uses: * Improves delegation * Identifies potential * Basis for setting future targets and objectives * Improves motivation and morale Performance appraisal is important to employees' professional development, to meeting the company's goals and objectives.

    • Word count: 2816
  9. Impact and Cause of Absenteeism

    The introduction of this pilot scheme stems as the main catalyst for my writing of this report. Even though the absent rate is lower in the retail sector than in the Industry (7.5 days pp / 10 days pp) it is still quite important to face this threat.(Grocer 2004) Used Sources are mainly from Magazines as for instance Financial Times are but as well from Journals, theme related books and Internet Articles. Issues and Facts about Absenteeism Absenteeism in general There has been an amazing growth in the number of days taken off because of psychological and stress-related illnesses in the last couple of years.

    • Word count: 2073
  10. Case Study of BP

    Retail as per last five years data normally BP sold , over 22 billion gallons of fuel through their main two retail brand BP and ARCO . Daily BP serves 50 million gallons to their valued consumers through more than 10,000 BP-branded retail locations east of the Rockies, and another 1,500 on the West Coast via the ARCO brand. List of Products On the road BP Biofuels Gas and fuel cards Gas and petrol stations Motor oil and lubricants Route & journey planner Gas and petrol station locator target neutral - a non-profit carbon offsetting initiative For the home Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)

    • Word count: 2496
  11. We have spent plenty of hours in finally approving the decision of producing rip less Extreme T-shirts. Therefore an analysis of appropriate target market is necessary.

    We also have a money-back guarantee as well. If the customer is not completely satisfied with this product, we will refund the purchase price within 30 days. The potential profit and benefit from this product will be high. The product itself is a shopping item, meaning people compare shop. The production cost per unit is Dhs 12; retail value will be capped at Dhs 49.99 for physiological pricing. The pricing strategy used for this will be skimming, so that cost will be recovered.

    • Word count: 3800
  12. Free essay

    Discuss the degree to which business are affected by changes in the exchange rates. Your response should focus in the following issues The response of customers The degree of control over prices Importing components and raw materials

    This is because if export prices rise, the number of sales will fall drastically, and the total revenue for exports will fall. Exchange rate also affects businesses in terms of the response of customers, the degree of control over prices and importing components and raw materials. The exchange rate will always affect the consumers whether the exchange rate is high or low for them. Brand names products are products that are always on demand , so even if their prices increase, consumers do not reduce the amount by much as these products are having an inelastic demand.

    • Word count: 1052
  13. Kaizen can be roughly translated from Japanese to mean "good change.", but in business Kaizen means continuous improvement. It is long-term and it works systematically to achieve small, increment changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and qua

    If a work environment practices kaizen, continuous improvement is the responsibility of every worker, not just a selected few. This is because employees are given the opportunity to suggest improvements relating to any aspect of the organization. Quality improvement is the systematic approach to reduction or elimination of waste, work-back flow, rework, and losses in production process. Therefore what is meant by quality improvement is to cut down on all the waste, back flow, rework and losses in production process within the business.

    • Word count: 521
  14. Corruption in India. This study focuses only on the corruption experienced by the Common Man in getting services from various service providers i.e. government departments. Citizens are entitled to receive these services, but are not only served po

    This study focuses only on the corruption experienced by the 'Common Man' in getting services from various service providers i.e. government departments. Citizens are entitled to receive these services, but are not only served poorly but very often have to pay a bribe to the service providers. This study does not cover corruption at various other levels such as where a business man pays bribes to an Income Tax official or a custom official to pay much less tax than he is obligated to pay.

    • Word count: 5429
  15. Mobil CO

    market * Surprising - we are always looking for opportunities to exceed our customer expectations Target Market -- Demographic While building our infrastructure, we spent a lot of time traveling around the UAE conducting market research. Our team has met with over 1,000 UAE residents and visitors to find out more about you - your hobbies, your interests, how you use your mobile phone and much more.

    • Word count: 527
  16. 4.1 - The Role of Marketing

    If the business expands into other areas, they increase their potential customer base. It may also be found using the barriers to entry, which will affect how many suppliers there can be in a certain market. These include set-up costs and market power of pre-existing businesses. Can you imagine trying to sell a new mp3 player, start a fast-food outlet or develop a globally recognised fashion label? There are also markets which are restricted to a certain location such as a region, area or country.

    • Word count: 1622
  17. 2.3 - Communication

    These are paper-based methods of communication, including letters, memorandum, reports, notices, executive summaries, research proposals and abstracts. Letters and memos tend to be used for internal communication. Visual Communication This is another form of non-verbal communication. Visual aids can enhance communication. They are easy to understand, can communicate ideas quicker than words, cheaper to produce, cater for visual learners and can have longer-lasting impact.

    • Word count: 480
  18. Business Chart

    to twenty people to share responsibility � burden of running company � More financial strength than sole proprietorships as there are more people who can invest � Benefits from division of labor and specialization � Don't have to publicize financial records so they have privacy � Additional capital injected by each other � Business losses are shared between partners � Shared decision-making � Unlimited liability for all partners � Compared to sole traders, decision-making would take longer � All partners are bound by decisions made by any one

    • Word count: 580
  19. A Corporate Governance Review of Toyota

    The 2009 showed for the first time in 59 years red numbers on the bottom of the financial sheets. This forced the corporation to seek a billion loan from the Japanese government3. The share is currently valued at 71.81, and with the 1.57 billion issued shares the company is valued at 112.7 billion dollars. Compared to start January the share price is 22% lower4. The reputation of one of the largest car manufacturers in the world has been tested in a crisis regarding an overwhelming number of recalled cars. The Toyota Corporation, which claims to be a top competitor for having the safest cars in production, now faces scrutiny because of recalls of vehicles for widespread safety problems in recent history.

    • Word count: 1812
  20. Starbucks analysis. Starbucks Coffee in Malaysia. Starbucks face some challenges of modifying their existent strategies to gain and sustain their competitive advantage in a rapidly changing environment.

    Throughout the years, Starbucks has expanded its business in both locally and globally. Starbucks has grown into an organization famous for its coffee houses, where customers can purchase food and beverages as well as packaged whole bean and coffee drinks. The instant coffee market in Malaysia is an attractive marketplace to go into the growing coffee culture locally, and Starbucks has a chance to launch a new instant coffee product that is uniquely placed against its competitors. This assignment is about the strategic options that Starbucks adopted to strengthen its position among competitors.

    • Word count: 1240
  21. Marketing Mix For Apple

    A computer, either laptop or desktop. Target Market Huge worldwide market with target consumers aged 12+. Specific markets that are targeted include those who are willing to pay more for Apple products even though there are plenty of cheaper options. People who are really interested in being up to date with the latest technology, and who want to be connected to the internet all the time to keep up with the latest news.

    • Word count: 385
  22. Business Project

    * Which system do you think the school should invest in? State your reasons below for the choice There are likely to be many advantages of using a questionnaire such as: * Since many open ended questions are being asked it may lead to accumulation of large data * Quicker to collect information and wont take up too much time of staff members and the students However some problems may occur through the collection of data by such a method: * Large data accumulation through open ended questions also means it would take longer to process and analyse the data.

    • Word count: 2915
  23. Functions of Management. This paper will define the four basic functions of management and how each function relates to a specific organization.

    Planning is an endless path of action needed to succeed in the world of business. There are always sudden unforeseen strategies that companies have to face in their everyday procedures. Sometimes but not always, they are unmanageable. This is what you would call external factors that continuously affect your company's positive or negative views. Due to the circumstances and unforeseen problems, companies may have to alter their course of action in reaching certain goals. This kind of groundwork and understanding is very important when planning. Management should analyze all factors that may or may not affect the company's goals and objectives.

    • Word count: 902
  24. Management planning is essential for a company like Boeing due to its massive and complicated structure.

    Well thought out plans also take into account variables and unforeseen occurrences. By planning for unexpected situations an organization can avoid disarray that's associated with unforeseen problems or challenges. In Boeing's case, planning is critical with all its major departments. Remaining efficient and setting goals within Boeing's engineering, sales, mechanical, and product testing department will and has lead it to one of the world's largest and most profitable corporations. With each goal, guidelines are set that explain how each particular goal can be achieved. The guidelines outline events that must take place by addressing issues such as personnel, management, and inventory levels.

    • Word count: 1196
  25. Walt Disney: Case study

    The segment's incomes have turned down at a aggregated annual rate of concern of 1% throughout FY2006-08. The percentage assistance of the segment to the total revenue has furthermore turned down from 22.3% in FY2006 to 19.4% in FY2008. Continued feeble performance of the studio entertainment segment would adversely sway the company's general incomes and profitability. Overdependence on the North American markets Walt Disney has its procedures all over the world spanning North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. But, the business draws from a most of its incomes from North American markets, which does not really contemplate its international presence.

    • Word count: 3268

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