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International Baccalaureate: Business Studies

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  1. Barilla Case. To make Barilla, the number one manufacturer of pasta Barilla employs massive state of the art factories that can not only produce mass quantities, but produce the variety of pasta to satisfy the world.

    For Barilla factories, the setup costs and batch sizes to produce it?s various products along with the ease of changing among various batch loads also needs to be measured. These metrics, when combined, can improve flexibility and delivery requirements among the various pasta product lines to the end consumer. The major factors (enemies of flow) that contribute to inefficiencies in supply chain are variability of demand in orders from the DO?s and the batching issues at Barilla. Each DO is different in size, and each DO has a different sales volume each week as the demand for Barilla dry products varies from week to week.

    • Word count: 1998
  2. Analyse Reasons for Zara's Success in the Fashion Retailing Business

    A very effective capacity management is another point that helps Zara?s success , by manufacturing small batches and even though the company raise output in their factories , the company?s capacities are kept unused. In 2010-2011 Zara went global by implementing it?s online-commerce approach, figures hasn?t been released but by reading different articles the online store is said to be doing very well. As a matter of fact, the internet and social networks have become tools to measure customer satisfaction of all the brands in the Inditex Group.

    • Word count: 1864
  3. The MNE and Market Power

    The main thrust of Hymer's argument was that market imperfections also exist in the market for factor inputs and intermediate goods. It is these imperfections that lead to the possession of advantages specific to the firm, advantages that lead to market power and which can be exploited through international production. According to Hymer, imperfections in the markets for intermediate goods always lead to the development of MNE's. For example, imperfections exist in the markets for knowledge, information, technology, marketing and managerial expertise.

    • Word count: 914
  4. Indian Retail Study - the Kirana or Mom and Pop store

    The Indian retail industry is unique in many ways. The retail market in India is estimated at US$ 470 Bn in 2011, which accounts for roughly 35% of GDP and is expected to grow to US$ 675 Bn by 2016 with a CAGR of 7.5%. The biggest share of the retail pie belongs to the food and grocery segment, roughly 70 %. But the most significant fact about retail in India is that much of it is unorganized (more than 97%). (Technopak Analysis, 2011) (Technopak Analysis, 2011) Kirana stores fall under the unorganized category of retail.

    • Word count: 1139
  5. Case Study of Reach Out, a business providing therapy to children with autism.

    Non-profit organization An organization that operates as a professional business but without the main objective of earning a profit. KEY BUSINESS TERM DEFINITION 1. Ethical objective The aims of an organization that falls within a moral framework or fair business practices. 1. Vision statement A brief outline of a business?s aspirations in the distant future. 1. Mission statement A simple statement that outline the purpose of an organisation?s existence. 1. Donation A sum of money given to a charity or non-profit organization. 1. Revenue Total sum of money earned by an organization for providing a good or service. 1.

    • Word count: 4887
  6. PESTEL analysis for TLE oil company in the Philippines

    Political Factors As mandated by existing laws, TLE need to comply with various legal requirements. One of these is the taxation law. Income and Value Added taxes are being remitted to the government. For this reason all legal and taxation requirements are being complied by TLE on time. In regards with trade regulations all standard procedures are being followed and placed. This is with regards with the terms and conditions presented by Total Corporation. However, the primary way that politics can affect Oil is in the regulatory sense.

    • Word count: 512
  7. SWOT for adidas

    They focusing on such sports as: football, basketball, running, outdoor, extreme sports and training. Moreover their have the other side of production and promotion allowing them to cover another market such as creation of their own unique sports style Original Group with its iconic sportswear label for streets with the main message be original ?Celebrate Originality?. Moreover, they managed another fashion sportswear brands such Y-3 label and Porsche Design Sport. That means that they selling not just clothing but lifestyle, unique trendy teenage lifestyle. 2. Competitors The main competitor for Adidas which should be mentioned is Nike Another competitor which is worth to mention is Puma Amer Group PLC and Finnish Markka.

    • Word count: 956
  8. IB - Marketing revision notes

    Advertising and sales promotion = for example discounts, to bring peoples attention. Distribution = Making the product available by efficient distribution (spridning). 1. The Marketing Mix can be summarized as ?the 4 Ps?: Product: The product itself, e.g its design and quality, how it compares with competitors products and whether different models are to be made. Price: The selling price, how the price compares to with competitors selling price .Place: Forms and channels of distribution, that are to be used to get the product into the market. Promotion: How the product is to be advertised.

    • Word count: 1332
  9. Employment Discrimination- An Introduction

    Another growing aspect of employment discrimination is the fear of cultural dissolve or submergence. In countries where there is a strong cultural history this is one of the largest problems, where managing staff are hesitant to hire employees from another culture or to elevate them to the higher echelons of the company for no reason other than to preserve their pride in national or local customs and traditions. This is especially painful in the world today due to the ever increasing number of multinationals and the sheer numbers of individuals seeking to ?make their living? overseas.

    • Word count: 1600
  10. Zara case study

    These goals helped to formulate a unique value proposition, to combine moderate prices with the ability to offer new clothing styles faster than its competitors. These goals helped to shape Zara?s current business model. a. The high turnover of its products. b. Low level of inventory due to fast supply chain- 1 week final production cycle, two day outbound logistics, fast adaption of leading trends. c. Effective distribution system d. Commitment of its employee?s e. scanning the fashion trends, market trends and meeting the consumer demands relating to fashionable clothes.

    • Word count: 918
  11. Position Paper: The Contribution of Globalization to Sustainable Prosperity

    Globalization is taking a huge toll on the way we treat the world around us, but we should not let it influence every decision we make and every action we take. A common phrase people say is ?Don?t bite off more than you can chew.? This is especially true for the greedy people in society who chose to make decisions based on what will benefit themselves but not even consider how others will be affected. Globalization has broadened the trade network and has enabled certain individuals to obtain more wealth.

    • Word count: 1690
  12. Human Resource Management. HR management is especially critical to the core competencies of health care organizations, which rely heavily on attracting and retaining quality personnel.

    The HR department also formulates and implements a variety of HR policies (for example, the hospital?s affirmative action plan). Four Functions of Human Resource Management 1. To help the health care institution to acquire the best employees (through job analysis, job design, recruitment, and selection) 2. To maximize employee contributions to the health care organization?s mission and strategies (through performance appraisal, training, and development) 3. To enable the health care organization to identify and retain competent employees and get rid of incompetent or counterproductive employees (through performance appraisal, compensation management, employee discipline, and control) 4. To ensure that the health care organization complies with relevant legislation (equal employment opportunity, health and safety, compensation and benefit, and other laws)

    • Word count: 973
  13. Business plan for Laundry Toaster laundry dryer.

    This way, working peoples don?t have to worry about drying clothes during rainy season and it also solved problems for peoples who have less time to do laundry because of working. We have already installed some safety devices inside the cupboard for safety purposes and make it much safer for people with small children. This product will help people to simplify their duty and gives more time for other duties. Our target market is employed men and women between the ages of 18 and 54 with a household income of RM15,000 or more who lives in the city because most

    • Word count: 8823
  14. Study of the online bus-ticket company Obilet.

    After the acquisition of the domain name, design of the website was launched with Ali Yılmaz and an outside web design company. Completing the web design led to the testing process which took a month to conduct and covered all aspects of buying an online ticket. Finally, Obilet.com was working and it was on the market. Obilet.com covers most of the bus companies on every scale, from tycoons like Ulusoy to local companies like Sanal KırÅehir. With a total of 250 million passengers traveling in a year by bus, Obilet has a bright future in terms of profitability as being the monopoly in the online bus ticket sale market.

    • Word count: 617
  15. The value of the gains that Ciba saw in the takeover of Allied Colloids was based on financial reporting, improving product performance as well as increasing value for their shareholders

    At its core, Ciba desired to produce and sell high quality chemicals and enhance the longevity and performance of their products. Being the worldwide company that Ciba was, it was their goal to produce positive results within the global market. As a leader in biological chemicals, Ciba SC was dedicated in meeting the needs of the healthcare, agriculture, and industry. Ciba felt the acquisition between Allied Colloid would enhance the quality and value of their business as well as product performance.

    • Word count: 1245
  16. What impact has NAFTA had on trade among the three member countries?

    Canada is also the leading agricultural importer to the US. Since the implementation the US and Canada have managed to double their imports as well as exports in the agricultural sector which is the most crucial sector among many other. Trades among NAFTA partners now account for more than 80 percent of the Mexican and Canadian and more than 33% of the US trades. List at least 3 benefits of NAFTA? Agriculture: Canada and Mexico have been the top export markets for US agriculture. Since the implementation of NAFTA the share of Agriculture exports has risen from 22% to 30%.

    • Word count: 813
  17. Business Production Methods Practical

    2. Analyse the appropriateness of this method for the task. 2. For the task essentially the aim was to build newspaper hats and see how much we can make within a limited time. In this case if we were trying to look at production time and how long the 'manufacturing' of this certain product would take it would be an inaccurate way to measure the efficiency of the team. This is because this production method would be varied as the format each person uses is different, the time taken to produce the product would be different for each person because it was their own interpretation.

    • Word count: 1192
  18. Example of a event proposal and client brief - Lady Gaga's Perfume Launch Party.

    for the celebrity?s and me. And a large poster of my Perfume . 1. The location : The Sephora Paris 2. The Time : 11:00pm till 2:00 pm 3. The Costs : The budget is$1000.000,00 4. The Guest : there will come 300 guests and the little monsters . Special wishes: I want a coach in the form of my perfume and a black horse that draws him. And I want for every guest a goody bag . Meetings: You Can call me on Skype because I have to travel a lot now call me every Monday at 1:00 pm Contact: Stefani Germanotta (me LADY GAGA )

    • Word count: 923
  19. Dividend policy at Linear Technology

    Hence, this leads to quick and current ratios of 12.2 and 12.8 respectively (Appendix), and a debt ratio of 7.5. This figure indicates that assets far exceed liabilities in the short and long term, proving that the company has sufficient liquidity and long-term solvency. Additionally, as Linear CFO Paul Coghlan has indicated that he had ?no plans for acquisitions? (Pg 3), all factors point to the absence of any requirement for external financing. Linear Technology should return at least a significant portion of its cash to shareholders as holding the cash generates very little income, at 3.3%.

    • Word count: 1605
  20. The Irish Financial Crisis was both predictable and preventable. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

    According to Kelly (2010), the GNP of Ireland grew by 5 to 15 percent every year from 1991. Thus it seems impossible for the government, banks and borrowers to smell the danger of the financial crisis as they were accustomed to the economic condition (Kelly, 2010, p.23). However, it is important to note that the way of economic growth after 2000 was completely different from what it used to be. During the 1990s, the Irish government adopted positive policies which enhanced the country?s competitiveness, followed by the rising employment.

    • Word count: 941
  21. Social Strategies Plan for Mars - marketing chocolate in China

    ?The food contains too much calories? ?The promotions are unattractive? ?Some of the coco beans used by MARS are not organic? ?Dove White Chocolate only comes at Christmas, but there is NONE on the shelves.? Social strategies: 1. Value: We want to convey the value that MARS promotes a healthy lifestyle through providing customers good quality products and using organic materials. MARS is a socially responsible corporate who cares about our customers, customers? pets and the environment.

    • Word count: 527
  22. SWOT Analysis of Apollo Language School, Vietnam.

    We searched the information in the in the web service and came straight to the center in order to get information. Besides we searched the data about all other language centers and conclude Apollo's strongest rivals by estimating and comparing the service they offer ang their reputation. 1. What is range of English course offered by Apollo? How are courses differentiated? Cource Levels age Skills improved English for young learners Starters 5-12 years Speaking & Pronunciation Movers Flyers English for teens: Junior teens 12-15 years KET, PET, FCE, IELTS and TOEFL IBT.

    • Word count: 1391
  23. Business Plan - EDGE is a video production company that aims to create self-promotional tools for budding athletes who want to set themselves apart from the competition

    Our video production agency will include rental cameras, personal film crews, and professional editing. For the film crew option there will be multiple packages of varying cameras and lengths of time, and for the editing, you can send in your own footage or have us edit the footage that we compiled during the shoot. For rentals, we will pursue a partnership with the budding action sports company, GoPro, so people can have trial periods to see what exactly the rage is with the newest point of view (POV)

    • Word count: 5538
  24. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of two different types of organizational structure.

    After the part of literature review, the essay will first give definitions of two structures. Subsequently, advantages and disadvantages of bureaucratic structure and matrix structure will be discussed respectively with comparing and contrasting by different viewpoints and examples. In order to evaluate the benefits and weaknesses of different types of organizational structures, it is first important to understand the general idea about the structure of an organization. Fincham and Rhodes (2005) pointed that the growing size and complexity of enterprises has resulted in the rising of managerial structures separately and distinctly and also stated that establishing an organization structure is constructing a set of relationships among different activities, which is regularly happening.

    • Word count: 2046
  25. A Business Plan for a DJ Party Service in Harare.

    For the community we can provide our service in carnivals and fairs, competitions, trade shows and talent shows. Types of Music This section highly depends on the event and age group of the clients. Discussions will be held with the clients on music genres and songs of choice. Song requests will be done frequently or during a certain period of the event to make clients feel and know they have a choice in what they want to listen to. Musical selection also depends on the mood or vibe of the event for example is people want calm music, Jazz will be played.

    • Word count: 2009

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