Advertisement Analysis (Vaseline)

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Esteban Vindas

Advertisement Analysis

The ad that will be analyzed shows a picture of  a Vaseline can that is placed at the bottom right part of the page, with a blue background, and down the Vaseline can where is the text “A leaf threatened with Vaseline Jelly stays moisturized and vibrant over time, versus an unthreatened leaf. If it can do this for a leaf, imagine what it could do for your skin.” Also at the center of the advertisement the reader can see 2 leafs, one is grey and dry, and the other one is green and healthy. On top of the grey leaf there is a label that says, “Untreated” and on top of the green leaf it says, “ treated with Vaseline jelly”. The purpose of this advertisement is to convince the audience of purchasing the Vaseline jelly, and the intended audience is public in general that has the power to purchase the magazine, for example adults and young people. Definitely we can discard as an intended audience little kids.

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We as an audience the first thing we perceive in the advertisement is the blue color that is attractive to the eye. The use of this color reinforces the purpose of getting people to see the ad. Also it creates this sensation of calm and peace, making the audience feel more confortable while watching the printed advertisement. In this advertisement we can see how the advertiser decided to use the ad technique of identifying a problem and immediately give a solution. We can see how the problem of dryness can be solved with Vaseline as the comparison of the leafs ...

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