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In this paper, we will study the case of Intel, a semiconductor chip maker, to know about its corporate responsibility during 2009, to see how they incorporate CSR into their strategies and objectives,

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FINAL PAPER Lecturer: Dr. TRUONG THI NAM THANG GROUP 6 - MBA 19: 1. Truong Thi Ngoc Thuy 2. Huynh Thi Hoang Hac 3. Nguyen Hai Duyen 4. Duong Vo Nhi Anh 5. Nguyen Ngoc Khanh Son Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is known as the commitment of a corporation to business ethics, its contribution to the development of the economic, and the social improvement. It is nowadays considered as one important session planned in the corporation's strategies and becomes a compulsory for a corporation's maintenance and development. In order to do so, it is required that a corporation must be transparent in its financial report, its operation activities, and its operation principals. Moreover, following the world's solid development, a corporation should not put profit on its first priority, yet should care about the life of its employees and the surrounding people, and care about the community's growth and development's. Depending on the characteristics of each corporation, different ones will have their own suitable CSR strategies. In this paper, we will study the case of Intel, a semiconductor chip maker, to know about its corporate responsibility during 2009, to see how they incorporate CSR into their strategies and objectives, how they apply their technology and expertise to benefit the environment and society, and what they get from it. This study contains five parts as follows: 1. Background of Intel Corporation 2. Intel's CSR core values and strategy 3. Intel's programs and its performance toward CSR goals 4. Awards 5. Conclusion 1. BACKGROUND OF INTEL CORPORATION: Intel Corporation is well known as the world leading semiconductor chip manufacturer. The corporation was found in 1968 in Santa Clara by Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore, under the name of NM electronics. Later in the year, it was changed to Intel after the founders purchased the right to use the name from a company called Intelco. At begin of establishment, Intel's primary products were SRAM and DRAM chips. ...read more.


o Tuition Assistance. Their Tuition Assistance Program provides financial assistance to eligible U.S. employees who are completing job-related degree programs or course work. In 2009, they invested $10.9 million in employees who participated in the program. > 2. Health and Safety, and Employee Wellness Their safety and wellness programs help employees enjoy a better quality of life. These programs also contribute to Intel's success, since employees who are physically and mentally fit can be more productive. o 2009 Safety Update. In 2009, they reached 105,000 people with environmental, health, and safety (EHS) training, including over 2,200 online, instructor-led, and on-the-job EHS classes held during the year. o Health and Safety Management System. In addition to maintaining their ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems, their ongoing commitment to continuous improvement across EHS topics was acknowledged through their Corporate EHS Group's initial certification to OHSAS 18001, the internationally recognized standard for occupational health and safety management system. o Wellness Programs. Intel is committed to providing a portfolio of wellness programs that help our employees evaluate, maintain, and improve their own health and that of their families. In 2009, 27,205 Intel employees participated in the Wellness Check. C. COMMUNITY: According to Shelly Esque, Intel Vice President of Corporate Affairs Group, Intel is committed not just to being a good and responsible neighbor, but also to sharing the innovative ideas and professional skills of their employees with their communities around the world. 989,681 $22.7 Million 190 Number of hours that Intel employees volunteered in 2009 Amount raised through their U.S. Community Giving campaign in 2009 Number of e-classrooms built in China by the end of 2009 in support of earthquake recovery efforts > 1. Intel Involved and Skills-Based Volunteering Since 1995, the Intel Involved program has matched the skill and passion of their employees with volunteer opportunities. Every year, employees donate hundreds of thousands of hours mentoring young people, restoring parks, lending their technical expertise, serving on nonprofit boards, and performing other vital tasks. ...read more.


CSR Award 2009 - Best in Community (Vietnam) Arizona Governor's Office. 2009 Volunteer service Award (U.S) 5. CONCLUSION: With the Intel Corporate Responsibility analysis, we find that although Intel faced challenges in reducing their water use and waste generation in 2009, they have almost completed their goals. The success of Intel's CSR programs are thank to their specifically and perfectly planned objectives. The social responsibilities are understood thoroughly from the top management to each of their employee. We also see that their incorporating CSR into their strategies and objectives did bring them an increase in benefits. The benefits mentioned here are obviously not only the increased productivities, but also the binding culture within the corporation. These benefits are also not limited to Intel, but to the global issues. CSR has become a significant feature of business practices in the global economy. By investing in CSR, Intel is investing in sustainability and broader economic, social, and environmental goals. From the case studied, we find out that CSR plays an important role in nowadays global business. It can help to enhance the corporation's reputation by building trusted relationship around the world. However, for Vietnamese corporations, implementing CSR is a big challenge, especially the medium and small ones. The crucial barrier does not due to the expenses, but the commitments from top management. Some corporations implement CSR passively. If they do not understand clearly about CSR, they could not incorporate CSR with their daily operation and business. That is the responsibility of top management to believe in the importance of CSR, to pioneer and support CSR programs within the corporation. In the age of globalization, a single business does not only represent itself but its country. Therefore, social responsibility cannot be just a tip of the iceberg, just one added aspect; it should be the corporation's essence. The more social responsibilities a corporation has, the more productivity it gains. *************** ?? ?? ?? ?? MBA 19 - GROUP 6 2010 Dec 03 Page 1 of 14 ...read more.

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