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New business plan

Extracts from this document...


Executive summary This business plan aims to present the idea of establishing a superior theme restaurant- The Emperor House Royal Food Restaurant in Auckland. There, consumers can not only enjoy the delicious "Shan" used to be served only to the royal family, but also enjoy the costume services that simulate the original royal life - "Back to the glory of history". Our venture will stick to the following operation principles: * Assured special food and wonderful services. What we offer is the authentic royal Chinese food and the ambient environment and excellent services. * Assured strict raw material selection, best chef cooking. All the material are of high quality and will be healthy and the cooking procedures will ensure the quality of the food * Keeping minds open to the customers' opinions, doing our best to satisfy their needs while preserve the original dish characteristics as much as possible The product of our new venture - the Royal food cuisine will give customers, mainly the tourists, a chance to experience this very unique and original Chinese cooking fashion. The imitation imperial food is well-known all around China because its fresh raw materials, excellent cooking and unique flavours. Although imperial food originated with the common people, imperial food uses different raw materials, which are unmatched in quality and purity. These carefully chosen raw materials are a pre-requisite for preparing imperial food. Our restaurant will sign the agreement with individual investor in taking over all the management affairs, we, the Emperor House Restaurant Management Committee has reached cooperation agreements with the CTS (China Travel Service) and Beijing Royal Food Restaurant. Therefore, the restaurant will represent the interests from all the above 4 parties With the legal requirement analysis, the SWOT analysis and PEST analysis, we can see the situation that our restaurant is currently facing and what the key factors that determine the success of our restaurant. ...read more.


The disease is a serious threat to the world's sizeable poultry industry but its spread round the globe also increases the chances of it mutating into a form that causes a human pandemic (The spreading bird-flu menace reaches Europe) Therefore we can see that the quality of the food and raw material is important all over the world. People all over the world are trying to fight against these disease to ensure the quality of the food. Australia has been free of Foot and Mouth Disease for almost 130 years. But because this disease is highly infective and easily spread, it could be brought to Australia by infected animals or animal products such as food or on the clothing of people who have been in infected areas. The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) has temporarily suspended the import of animals susceptible to Foot and Mouth Disease and to some animal related products from the European Union and from any country in which FMD is endemic or is occurring as an outbreak. This is because the virus could spread from products into animal populations. (Food Standard Australia and New Zealand) Therefore Australia is taking strict measure to protect the environment and ensure the quality of the food products. New Zealand is a country famous for its nature beauty and the food products produced are of high quality and no harm to the people and the environment. Many of the big environmental issues for New Zealand in the first decade of the 21st century are also economic and public health issues. More sustainable use of water, managing marine resources, reducing waste, and improving our energy efficiency are all essential for creating wealth and quality of life as well as for environmental sustainability. New Zealand's low population and limited industrial base means that our environmental issues are generally less severe than those in many other industrialised countries. ...read more.


the cost of their IP rights, the 10 year time limit of a trade mark and the agreement of the Royal Food Restaurant. Though they are currently asking for overseas agents rights to develop their brand name and cuisine in other countries, they may not be willing to give us sole proprietorship to their IP rights. As for the trade secret, the special technique of cooking the "Shan" cuisine means that the cost of hiring some of the top chefs from the Royal Food will be very high. This goes against our new venture principle of keeping cost as low as possible New Zealand local people may not be able to differentiate the taste. Thus competitors who imitate the Shan cuisine may still be able to attract our customers without infringing on our IP rights. To prevent this, one of our target groups are on tourists from China and Chinese immigrants in New Zealand. These two groups would be able to differentiate the tastes of the real 'Shan' cuisine. Our main focus will be on the emotional benefits that the restaurant brings. This will be hard to emulate. 3. Conclusion and recommendation Above all the analysis, we will agree to set up our Royal food restaurant in downtown Auckland New Zealand as the first one in Australasia region. The restaurant has a good vision that is to provide the authentic royal Chinese food to the overseas New Zealand market, major target at the tourist group, local diverse culture seeker and businessmen. So our tourist product will be attractive to those tourist groups from the oriental Asian Countries and other western countries who want to experience a different food culture. We can see that our Royal Chinese Food restaurant will have its market and will be successful if it can get the target tourist market. based on the above information and analysis, we are confident to be successful in the future and the investors can get satisfactory return for their investment on our business. 4. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate Business Studies section.

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