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SWOT Analysis of Apollo Language School, Vietnam.

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´╗┐Report: 1. Introduction 2. Range of cources offered by Apollo 3. Differences and similarities about products among Apollo's competitors. 4. Pricing. Differences and similarities 5. Times and duration of cource Apollo offer. 6. Strenghts and weaknesses 7. Opportunities and threats 8. Choice of segment target and cource ideas Introduction In phase 2 we were making a Apollo project with new members of group 8 ,called Blink Blink with 5 members in it. In this project we are required to make a research about English cources of Apollo language center. More clearly, we had to assess the Apollo history and its strongest competitiors, determine its market segmentation and weigh pros and cons of its cources. In addition to that, our group had to propose an idea for a new cource by relying on the questionnaire data we made in the previous phase. Therefore, by choosing a segment of target, we made up a cource, which is the main aim of Apollo project. Before offering an idea for a new cource, the first thing that has to be done is reviewing the Apollo history, its service, rewards, strenghts and weaknes. ...read more.


4. Times and durations of courses offered by Apollo: Courses Name Course Fee Total Hrs Course Duration Kindy (4-6.5 yrs old) 5.088.000 40 20 weeks Junior (6.5-10 yrs old) 5.088.000 40 20 weeks Teen (11-15 yrs old) 5.088.000 40 20 weeks Confident Teen 5.766.000 48 -8 weeks (3 times/week) -12 weeks (2 times/week) GE 5.851.000 46 -8 weeks (3 times/week) -12 weeks ( 2 times/week) EBC 7.590.000 60 -8 weeks (3 times/week) -12 weeks ( 2 times/week) Pronunciation 5.236.000 40 10 weeks (3 times/week) IELTS Preparation Course 7.865.000 60 -10 weeks (3 times/week) -15 weeks (2 times/week) TOEFL iBT Preparation Course 7.865.000 60 -10 weeks (3 times/week) -15 weeks (2 times/week) Cambridge test 1.550.000 6 950 ADULT Save & Learn Program 20.352.000 -Max 8 courses in 12 months 12.932.000 -Max 4 courses in 6 months GE/BE 1.060.000 -Group: 01 person / hour 1.272.000 -Group: 02-04 people / hour 1.484.000 -Group: 05 people+ / hour ESP 1.166.000 -Group: 1 person / hour 1.484.000 -Group: 02-04 people / hour 1.802.000 -Group: 05 people+ / hour http://apollo.edu.vn/download/course%20fee/Apollo-HN-67%20Le%20Van%20Huu.pdf 5, What are strengths and weaknesses of Apollo in comparison to its competitors? 1. Strengths: ? Modern School (University, Singapore Public Secondary / American University / Boarding up the UK ?) ...read more.


Threats + Many English centers, ACET is example, focus on Academic English, IELTS or TOEFL preparation ï Apollo lose customers in this training + The market has a lot of English Centers => High competition => Advantage need to develop and effectively use. Try to improve weakness. 8, Course idea. According to the assessment in the previous pages, it is obvious that Apollo's main target is on young learners and many parents prefer to let their beloved children to study English at Apollo center rather than at any other centers. However, Apollo doesn't pay so much attention to other cources as for children's education, so in other segments, such as IELTS preparation and English for adults e.t.c., it lack of proffesionalization and therefore Apollo loses the older learners. Therefore, it is needed for Apollo to start seriously suggesting about customers-adults. Apollo offers almost all the possible kind of courses that are in demand for the society for the current time and the main aim we suppose is that Apollo needs to enhance the quality of teaching of all existing ones. For example, the requirements from teacher has to be more strict and the tuition program has to be modified. ...read more.

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