The Business Strategy of Pizza Hut

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1.        INTRODUCTION                                                                        3

2.        TASK 1                                                                                        4

3.                Company background and history                                                4

4.                Mission, philosophy and strategy                                                5

5.                Internal environment                                                                5

6.                External environment                                                                6

7.        TASK 2                                                                                        7

8.                Strategic plan for Pizza Hut                                                        7

9.                SWOT analysis                                                                        7

10.                Goals and objectives                                                                8

11.        TASK 3                                                                                        9

12.                Strategies used by Pizza Hut                                                        9

13.                Total quality management strategy                                                9

14.                Pricing strategy                                                                10

15.          TASK 4                                                                                        11

16.                Strategy implementation

17.                Strategy implementation of the company


        Every organization to run their business successfully must have business strategy. An organization’s strategy shows what the organization wants to achieve and how they will achieve it. By the other word business strategy is concerned with deciding what business an organization should be in, where it wants to be, and how is it going to get there.  Business strategy includes these key components:

  • Business concept/model
  • Key objectives
  • Key personnel and resources
  • Product/service portfolio
  • Revenue streams
  • Price positioning
  • Target market/s
  • Strategic branding
  • Sales process
  • Structures and systems

                                "You have to understand what it is that you are better at                                                 than anybody else and mercilessly focus your                                                         efforts on it." - Andrew Grove, CEO, Intel 

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        TASK 1


        The Organization that was chosen is an American restaurant chain and international franchise.  This is Pizza Hut, which offers different styles of pizzas. Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., the world's largest restaurant company, with approximately 34,000 restaurants, delivery-carry out units, and kiosks in 100 countries.

        Pizza Hut was started in 1958, by two brothers in Wichita, Kansas. Frank and Dan Carney had an idea to open a pizza parlor. They have borrowed $600 from their mother, and opened the very first Pizza ...

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