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The following report examines the recruitment process used by Tesco Ireland for the selection of employees to fill five positions available through the retail stores expansion programme. These positions were as follows: sales executive, store manager,

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Introduction The following report examines the recruitment process used by Tesco Ireland for the selection of employees to fill five positions available through the retail stores' expansion programme. These positions were as follows: sales executive, store manager, assistant store manager, clerk and two cleaners. The recruitment and selection was done following a number of procedures that were accompanied by letters used to inform candidates about their performance. (Sarah, 2007) Reception of application forms Cover letters and application forms are necessary for this process and must contain information about one's qualifications. The cover letter is written manually and candidates must include all the information necessary from the job descriptions and must have at least the minimum qualification. Those who do not posses the specified qualifications in their applications are elliminated while those who posses them are invited for further examination. Subject matter content in the cover letter is analysed by an expert to further sieve candidates -applicants must potray honest information. Contact information will be obtained from these very applications. Information included in the application letter must be detailed relating directly to the position and only those who send their letters within due time are to be considered hence late entrants will be automatically disqualified. The application letter is taken to the store after it has been received by the human resource manager. Securing the application form Tesco industries complies with the data protection Act of 1988 and 2003 which states that information must be protected from harm, loss or any other damages by placing them in a secure location. ...read more.


However, their applications are held on file for a period of one year. Letters are sent to these candidates informing them of this decision. A detail of this letter is contained in appendix 2. These candidate's applications are not reviewed as was the case for candidates belonging to the second category. (Berkeley, 2007) Assessment of candidates This process involves a number of selection processes. These are; a performance exam, a panel interview then a selection interview. The selection interview is the most important as it determines which candidate has qualified for the job and is administered last. All these selection processes are done on the same day. (Rosenberg, 1999) In Tesco, the process of employee selection involves choosing the ideal candidate for the job from all the qualified short listed candidates. Some important features which Tesco uses while selecting include; Performance exams are always job related Candidates are asked to make a presentation to assess the elements that are hard to test through an interview Psychometric selection test are administered by a trained person Candidates are informed that the tests are similar for all the persons and the topics for presentation are not in favor of any candidate. Performance Exam The performance exam is conducted in order to determine whether candidates are able to do tasks related to the job. Notices are then given to applicants who passed through the first round. The exam is conducted by store managers from other stores in the country. ...read more.


The letter's details are in found on the appendix (appendix 4). This letter normally gives details about the position offered to the applicant. In addition, Tesco leaves a contact number which the qualified applicant can use to arrange a convenient starting date. A letter is also sent out to candidates who did not qualify but showed potential. These are the candidates who got an average rating of slightly over fifty percent. These candidates are the ones called 'qualified'. Their interview notes are kept on file for a period of one year. These candidates are reviewed after six months and they will become the first choice if a vacant position arises in the store. (Michael, 2002) All this information is mentioned in the letter. (See appendix 5) Lastly, letters are sent to the least qualified candidates. These are the candidates who got a rating of less than fifty percent from the selection interview. The letter informs candidates about their rejection. Rejection letters are kept on file for a period of one year. Their interview notes are also kept on file for a period of one year. (Cherrington, 1995) Conclusion Tesco Ireland dedicates a lot of time and resources inorder to; ensure that they are fair to candidates, seal any loopholes and ensure that the company gets well qualified personell. The assesment process must be free of bias and should provide a suitable ground for choosing the right candidate. This is the reason why a combination of many methods is used by Tesco i.e. panel interview, selection interview and performance exam. The disadvantages of one method of selection are compensated by the advantages in another. ...read more.

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