What impact has NAFTA had on trade among the three member countries?

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What impact has NAFTA had on trade among the three member countries?

NAFTA is the world’s largest trade bloc, accounting to one third of the world’s total, with a GDP of 11.7 trillion dollars. From 1993 to 2007 trade among the members has tripled. Business investments in the US has risen 117%, compared to 49% increase in the previous 14 year period. Mexico, even though having the lowest growth rate, has quadrupled its exports from 60 billion dollars to 280 billion.  Meanwhile American imports to Mexico have tripled. Also the effects on households have also been positive. The cost of household products in Mexico have halved since the implementation of NAFTA.  Canada had the highest growth rate among the members. Canada ships 87 percent of its products to the US and 67 percent of its products comes from US. Canada is also the leading agricultural importer to the US. Since the implementation the US and Canada have managed to double their imports as well as exports in the agricultural sector which is the most crucial sector among many other.

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Trades among NAFTA partners now account for more than 80 percent of the Mexican and Canadian  and more than 33% of the US trades.

List at least 3 benefits of NAFTA?


Canada and Mexico have been the top export markets for US agriculture. Since the implementation of NAFTA the share of Agriculture exports has risen from 22% to 30%. In the same manner Mexico has seen a steep rise in their agricultural exports to its NAFTA partners. Canada, from 1994 to 2001 has seen a rise of 95% of its agricultural exports to its partners. Canada on another ...

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