Determining the relative atomic mass of Lithium

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Chemistry Internal Assessment

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“Determining the relative atomic mass of Lithium”


Raw data table:


  • Lithium was a shiny grey metal yet the outer surface of the lithium was darker than the inside.
  • When the Lithium was added to the water it began to fizz.

Processed Data Table

Equation of reaction

2Li         +         2H2O                  2LiOH         +         H2

Literature Values


Trial 1

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Trial 2


Using the ideal gas law we are able to calculate the Ar of a reactant by measuring the volume of gas produced, as long as we have recoded the temperature and pressure.

The final experimental result was that the relative atomic mass of Lithium is 7.2

The percentage error of my experiment is calculated though the following formula.



The percentage error of 1.39% is smaller than the calculated random error of 9.72%. This implies that the ...

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