Research report on Stoichiometry

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Disha  Kanoongo

What is stoichiometry? How does it affect chemistry? What are its principles?  Experiment related.


Chemistry a very interesting and always to be found new subject. But to make it more interesting we have to learn how and why it is used. So as in this let’s start with why is it used? A very simple question well look around the world and see how the things in world are made. From what and how are they made? But when it comes to how chemistry is used, we are supposed to know how to calculate or react and doing some experiments .The term STOICHIOMETRY, is one of the way to find out the calculations.  


Stoichiometry is a branch of chemistry that deals with the relative quantities of reactants and products in chemical reactions. In a balanced chemical reaction, the relations among quantities of reactants and products typically form a ratio of whole numbers. It is the part of chemistry that studies amounts of substances that are involved in reactions.  Stoichiometry is the branch of chemistry and chemical engineering that deals with the quantities of substances that enter into, and are produced by, chemical reactions. The word stoichiometry derives from two Greek words: stoicheion (meaning "element") and metron (meaning "measure"). Stoichiometry deals with calculations about the masses (sometimes volumes) of reactants and products involved in a chemical reaction.

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All reactions are dependent on how much stuff you have. Stoichiometry helps you figure out how much of a compound you will need or maybe how much you started with. We want to take the time to explain that reactions are dependent upon the compounds involved and how much of each compound is needed. Stoichiometry can be used to find quantities such as the amount of products (in mass, moles, volume, etc.) that can be produced with given reactants and percent yield (the percentage of the given reactant that is made into the product). Stoichiometry calculations can ...

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