The balanced equation shows that two moles of silver nitrate react with one mole of copper

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Copper and Silver Reaction

Chemistry Internal Assessment

Raw data table:

Qualitative Observations:

  • The copper was a orange/red colour before being submerged.
  • While the silver nitrate AgNO3  was a clear colourless liquid.
  • Immediately after the copper was submerged it turned black.
  • The copper wire was resting on the bottom of the beaker.
  • After prolonged submersion the wire became thicker as more precipitate was formed on the wire.
  • After prolonged submersion the solution became a clear light blue solution.
  • After 24 hours a silver/grey crystalline structure formed around the wire and on the bottom of the beaker.

Processed data table:

Constants table:


Balanced chemical equation between copper and silver:

Mass of reacted Cu:                                                         Uncertainty:

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m(Cu)= Original weight – final weight                                  

m(Cu)= 2.020 – 1.688                                                         = ±0.001 + 0.001

m(Cu)= 0.332 g                                                        = ±0.002


Number of reacted Cu:                                                 Uncertainty:

Mr(Cu)=63.55 gmol-1                                        


n(Cu)= 0.00522 mol (3sf)                                      n(Cu) % uncertainty = ±0.605


Mass of reacted Ag:                                                 Uncertainty:

m(Ag)= Original weight – final weight  

m(Ag) = 105.139– 103.335                                                = 0.001 + 0.001

         = 1.804 g                                                        = ±0.002


Number of reacted Ag:                                                 Uncertainty:


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