The Devastating Nuclear Weapon

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The Devastating Nuclear Weapons

During the World War 2, America started building nuclear bombs and dropped them on the Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  The bombs killed many people, and destroyed all the surroundings. There should be no nuclear weapons in our world because they are highly destructive, inhumane and make our world unsafe.

First, nuclear weapons are highly destructive devices. When a nuclear bomb explodes it has three main effects: thermal heat, radiation and a high-speed blast wave. The temperature of the heat in the fireball of the explosion is somewhere between 1-10 million degrees Celsius. This heat spreads and burns everything in its way. Many people die from burns after a nuclear bomb explosion. The radiation is a second effect of the nuclear bomb. ‘People exposure within 500 meters of ground zero was fatal. People exposed at distances of 3 to 5 kilometers later showed symptoms of aftereffects, including radiation-induced cancers.’ (1) The blast is one of the most destructive effects of the nuclear bomb. ‘90% of the city was leveled by the 500 mile an hour wind of the blast, which charred the victims’ skin two miles away and incinerated those directly below the detonation.’ (2) These were the effects of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The bombs now are much more powerful and corrosive.

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Second, the nuclear bombs are inhumane. It is considered okay for a soldier to kill a soldier in war. But killing innocent civilians is not tolerable in most people’s ethics. It was always considered wrong to kill an innocent person. The nuclear bomb not only kills a person, but hundreds of thousands of them. ‘The damage they cause is irreversible, and the pain and suffering caused by nuclear weapons is inexcusable. When a nuclear weapon is dropped, everything is destroyed, and the radiation left over makes the place uninhabitable’(3). It is atrocious to use an atomic weapon on any populated ...

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