Titration of an Unknown Potassium Halide Against Silver Nitrate

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Titration of an Unknown Potassium Halide Against Silver Nitrate


  • 250cm3 volumetric flask + 0.3cm3
  • 25cm3 pipette + 0.06cm3 
  • Filler
  • Conical flask
  • 50cm3 burette + 0.05cm3
  • Retort stand and burette holder


  • 1.035g + 0.001g unknown potassium halide
  • Distilled water
  • 0.1moldm-3 Potassium chromate indicator
  • 0.05moldm-3 Silver Nitrate Solution

Data Collection

Mass of solid white Unknown potassium Halide used: 1.035g +0.001g. This was made up to a 250cm3 colourless solution.

0.1moldm-3 yellow potassium chromate indicator was used in this titration. The end point was judged to be when a dark pink precipitate started to form.

The average Titre = 17.50 + 17.40 + 17.20  = 17.36666…cm3


                                                                      = 17.40 (4sf)

Data Processing

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Equation for titration:

AgNO3 + KX      AgX + KNO3

0.050moldm-3 AgNO3 Solution in the burette

Average Burette reading = 17.40cm3 + 0.01cm3

25.00cm3 + 0.06 cm3 of the unknown potassium halide solution (KX) was transferred into a conical flask using a 25.0cm3 pipette.

The number of moles of AgNO3 used in the titration = concentration x volume

                                                                                   = 0.05 x 17.4


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