What are the Solutions for Acid Rain?

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Acid Rain is rain that has been made acidic by certain types of pollutant with a pH level of less than 5.6 (EPA). It exist in 2 ways - either in wet deposition or dry deposition. Wet decomposition is when acidic chemicals in the air dissolve in wet condition and fall to the ground through rain, fog or snow. However, dry decomposition occurs in dry weather where the gases and dust become acidic and stick to the ground, buildings, homes and statue (Briney).  

The causes of acid rain can be due to environment factors such as erupting volcanoes and rotting vegetation that released a certain types of chemicals. However, the major cause of acid rain is still mainly on human activities; especially the combustion of fossil fuels. Acid Rain is formed by a chemical reaction that begins when chemical gases like sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) are released into the air. These substances can rise very high into the atmosphere, where they mix and react with water, oxygen, and other chemicals to form various , known as acid rain (EPA).

The effects of acid rain decomposition has impact the environment, social life of the community and the economics of the country. In affect to the environment, acid rain can weaken a tree by damaging their leaves, limiting their nutrient intake by dissolving the nutrients and microorganism in the soil and washes them away before the trees could use them to grow (EPA). The acid rain will reduce the life span of the aquatic animals and plants; as when the acid rain drains into rivers and lakes it will lower the pH of the water. Many forms of water life are sensitive to the pH of the water and cannot survive if it is too acidic. (Riley).

In a social perspective, acid rain can also affect our health. As the sulfate and nitrate particulates from the dry decomposition can cause asthma, bornchitis problem and weakens the respiratory system (Dowdey). Apart from that, it also degrades the visibility; which can increase the chances of accidents, leading to injuries and death (Conserve- Energy- Future); and it also affects our enjoyment of national parks. Hence, this is affecting the social life of the people. Because when people have a poor health condition, they won’t likely to enjoy life more often as they are limited to join certain activities.

Last but not least, the economics of the country is also greatly affected. As the acid deposition can destroy architecture and infrastructure because of its ability to corrode metals like bronze. It will also cause the deterioration of paints and stones such as the marble and limestone.These effects significantly reduce the societal value of buildings, bridges, cultural objects such as statues and monuments, and cars (EPA). It also destroy old heritage building. Hence, it is affecting the economic of a country, because when the societal value of the architecture are reduced; then there would be lesser tourist visiting the countries which led to a higher unemployment rate among the tourism industry and the country won’t be able to generate more income.

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The sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides is produced in powerplants/ smokestacks by the burn of fossil fuels such as coal to generate electricity, while sulfur is present in coal as an impurity and it reacts with the air when coal is being burned to produce sulfur dioxide (SO2). In contrast, nitrogen oxides are formed when any of the fossil fuels are burned.

Apart from reducing the use of transportation by car-pooling, increase the use of public transportation and using the electricity and lights efficiently only when it’s needed. There are more advanced technology ...

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