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Adults vs. children

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Paulina Czerwinska kl. IH Being a child is better than being an adult. In our life there are many important times. One of them are childhood and adulthood. Each period of life is important, but in my opinion childhood is the best. It is the time when we can enjoy life. Being a kid and being an adult is very different, but both are unavoidable. There is no point in staying forever a kid, but it is an interesting thing that adults want to return to being children and constantly remind younger people that those are the best times of their life. ...read more.


Children live life at a time, meaning they do not worry what will happen tomorrow. They are stress free, because they just cherish the moment. Adults have on their shoulders all that problems connected with family, work and money. Secondly, learning is easier for a child. When we are young, we absorb knowledge as a sponge. The children's memory is by far better than the adults' and they can learn a huge amount of information without difficulties. Also, children are very fast in learning foreign languages. ...read more.


You just want to get out of this awkward stage and live by our own rules. Adults can live in their own houses. They can do what they want. But the main reason why children want to be adults is independence. When you are an adult you can make your own decisions. There are many great things about being an adult even though there are a lot of responsibilities and difficulties. Taking these points into consideration, when you are a child you have easy life. There are so many different opinions about childhood and adulthood, but in my point of view, being a child is much better than being an adult. Words: 435 ...read more.

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