The Post-modernist Era in Dance- review of 5 pieces.

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Danielle Garcia Silva

Solveig Santillano

Modern II

27 April 2014

Post-modernism Era in Dance

        Having read and experienced various modern techniques during this semester, I believe that I acquired a grand knowledge of modern concepts. The past few weeks were even more important to my improvement because I had a chance to execute long modern dance combinations with different dynamics and emotions. It led me to feel the music and put effort into it. Especially the classes I had last week, I felt the power of dancing with the heart. It was the same great feeling as performing on stage, and I think that it is the way it should be every class in order to improve both technically and artistically. Throughout classes like that I believe that the four years in college will be worth it, and I will have much more confidence and ability to face the audition process.

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        Through the readings, I have been learning the dance development and changes throughout the years. In the post-modernism, the modern dancers and choreographers continued to experiment new feelings and movements. For example, Robert Wilson’s Einstein on the beach, which had the costumes based on photography of Albert Einstein and music by Phillip Glass, has no story behind the scene. It was first performed in 1976 in the Avignon Festival. Through the video I watched, I thought it was really interesting because it mixed modern dance, theater and music all at once. The piece is exciting and sometimes slow but still ...

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