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International Baccalaureate: Economics

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  1. Explain how the transfer of capital can be influenced by world trading organisations and financial institutions?

    They are set up to encourage trade between countries, but also to ensure the trade is fair and legitimate. The WTO works by particular people representing each country to discuss any trade problems and to ensure everybody is treated equally. One of the largest problems the WTO has had to deal with is the "banana wars", where countries in the Caribbean and Latin America have been allowed free trade since 1975, with no excess fee to Europe as they were part of their colony.

    • Word count: 479
  2. Economics Homework- LRAS CURVE AND SRARS CURVE

    This can be shown using the circular flow of income model. If households spend 9/10 of their gross income, then the remaining 1/10 will either be saved or paid to the Government as tax. For instance in stage 1 we can consider �100m flowing into firms, which is distributed out as wages and profits to the households. The households spend the money back on firms and the cycle continues, but each time there are withdrawals of 0.1 lost through savings and taxes. So during the second stage only �90m goes back to the firms and on the third stage �81m, etc.

    • Word count: 1296
  3. Imperial Tobacco predicts 3% revenue rise

    But volumes of cigarettes are expected to fall more than 4 per cent, dragging down "white stick equivalent" volumes - which encompass cigarettes and loose-leaf tobacco - by 3 per cent, from 358.8bn last year. That compares with management expectations in July of a 3.1 per cent decline. The suggestion of a slight improvement in volumes in the fourth quarter provides some succour to shareholders. In March, Imperial's stock tumbled after UBS said earnings growth was set to slow and warned that consensus forecasts for next year looked too high.

    • Word count: 1201
  4. Utah House Passes $1 Cigarette Tax Hike

    "He hasn't told me specifically he is," Ray said in the AP report. "But you've been up here long enough you can just kind of see how things go." Herbert spokeswoman, Angie Welling, told the AP the governor will consider the tax increase in the context of the overall budget, and noted he hasn't decided what action he'll take on the legislation. Regarding the passage of the bill, Bill Phelps, spokesman for Altria Group, parent to Philip Morris USA, told the AP raising taxes is the wrong solution. "Typically cigarette tax increases do not raise all of the revenue they are projected to raise, creating another budget gap," Phelps said in e-mail.

    • Word count: 964
  5. Economics Commentary

    2008: 49% of all Scottish prisoners said they were drunk at the time of their offence ? 2006-07: An estimated 111,200 consultations with GP practices for alcohol misuse ? 2007: 50 million litres of pure alcohol sold in Scotland Source: Scottish Government "This is a problem that cuts across gender, age and socio-economic group and is growing in every part of Scotland. "It's clear that the high alcohol consumption we're now seeing across society has very serious consequences for our health as a nation. We have to look at the evidence of what works in order to get to grips with it."

    • Word count: 1383
  6. Economics Commentary

    The EU's executive arm stressed that its aid was provided on a neutral basis to provide basic humanitarian needs such as shelter, food, clothes, and medical support. In some places, it will also provide clean drinking water and sanitation. All the funds will be channeled to projects by non-governmental relief organizations, specialized UN agencies and the Red Cross/Red Crescent movement. The European Union plans to hold its first ever summit with Pakistan in June to help strengthen the civilian government there.

    • Word count: 1181
  7. Market survey. In this project, we choose Panda cookies as the main product for the survey. We are interested in the relation between price and quantity of demand in market places. Well use price to estimate the quantity of demand throughout the survey

    Methodology: In this project, we choose Panda cookies as the main product for the survey. We are interested in the relation between price and quantity of demand in market places. We'll use price to estimate the quantity of demand throughout the survey of the panda cookies. According to statistic, we have to start checking out conditions whether they are satisfied or not before doing any calculation. Our population is all students at AIS and the population size is 40 students.

    • Word count: 767
  8. GDP Per Capita

    Development is therefore often put in terms of goals such as access to basic necessities such as food, water and shelter, availability of employment, education and culture and having social choices and basic freedoms such as freedom of speech and democratic elections."[1]. From the definition we can conclude that for a country to be specified as a developing country they must focus on the quality of the life of the citizens in the country.

    • Word count: 469
  9. Free essay

    Economics- Portfolio

    For example, the need for basic public services such as health-care, food and shelter. Stable programs like these are necessary for sustaining an organized economy and a strong government infrastructure. The article mentions that increased integration into the global economy is a very important aspect in the growth process. What creates a stable economy is a country's ability to cooperate with other countries, balancing imports with exports. Boosting competitiveness is also a crucial aspect of making sure that a country creates a stable role in the trade system. Most of these developing countries are in Southeast Asia; therefore, in theory it should not be too difficult for international cooperation to come from larger economies such as China or Japan.

    • Word count: 694
  10. Economics Commentary - demand for lactose free milk.

    is principally necessary for the tooth enamel and bone formation. The importance of consuming milk every day is that this is the one of the most important foods in the diet that will develop and maintain healthy some of the important organs from the body which is the teeth, the bones and also for the digestion and immune system due to that milk and its products contain bacteria that help to strengthen it from diseases and other ill pathogens to protect the intestines and the rest of the body against the attack of these sickness providers.

    • Word count: 1014
  11. The future of Eli Lilly

    Problem statement The future of Eli Lilly Ranbaxy and its partners are uncertain as the Indian market has changed. Therefore it is important for Eli Lilly to consider its current position. This report will try to help creating the best possibilities for Eli Lilly and its overseas activities. So that Eli Lilly will have a bright future. But first it is important to look at the past, in order to make the right strategic decision in the current situation. This is done by answering the following questions: - Was the Joint Venture decision the right decision? - How has time changed the basis of the Joint Venture? - Is a Joint Venture the right solution now, considering these changes?

    • Word count: 2121
  12. The role of MNC headquarter

    Multinational corporations have offices, branches or manufacturing plants in different countries, but all of these are referring to headquarters. The reason for this is that Multinational Corporations produce where it is cheapest, sell where it is most profitable and are getting capital from where it is cheapest. Several states that the multinational corporation is not a new thing, using the far-reaching trade routes documents that the multinational corporation easily could be over 2000 years old. The two most important factors for the increased globalization and thereby multinational corporations are transportation and communication.

    • Word count: 2541
  13. Accounting Information System

    'The reliability of information in the conceptual framework means that information is free from material error and bias and able to be depended on to represent faithfully the transactions or events that it claims to represent or is reasonably expected to represent.' (Hoggelt et al. 2006, p449) With economic development and the increasing information related to person, relevance and reliability in some level is uniform, while in other areas there may be some contradiction and confrontation. (w**g, 2010) Relevance and reliability are two main qualitative characteristics of accounting information, and they have much in common.

    • Word count: 1013
  14. The circular flow of income and particular the injections and leakages have a substantial influence on the economic activity of the time. Economic activity is defined as the production and distribution of goods and service in an economy,

    This process is classified as a leakage as it involves people removing funds which would otherwise be spent. When the leakage is taking place it reduces the amount of money that could be spent on purchasing goods or services. This will result in a drop in demand which will be responded to by a drop in production. This drop in demand and production is otherwise known as a decrease in economic activity. Despite savings resulting in a drop in economic activity it is also the money that funds investment agencies.

    • Word count: 530
  15. The luxembourg Economy (Complete Review)

    The Luxembourg government has maintained a high level of regulation and intervention attempting to uphold strong economic growth. Its administration and financial regulators have employed an array of effective long term and short term strategies comparable to the Monetary and Fiscal policies. Luxembourg- Quality of life and Social indicators Economic growth is defined as an increase in the productive capacity, and there for output of a nation. Despite having a moderately a small economy with a relatively undersized labour force Luxembourg has been able to achieve and sustain rapid growth over the past ten to fifteen years.

    • Word count: 2194
  16. Economics Commentary Prac 3

    Therefore when the European firms supply Q amount of beet, the demand will be satisfied with the both of price and quantity, and there will be no exceed beet supply. However, when the sugar producers increase the supply of sugar, the supply curve will shift from S to S1, but the demand of sugar in domestic market will remain constantly. In this situation, the price of sugar in EU market will fall from P to P1. Although, the lower price will bring benefits to domestic consumers because this can truly decrease the budget on purchasing sugar but it shocks the sugar industry.

    • Word count: 774
  17. Evaluate the policies available to a government that wishes to reduce unemployment rate

    I will assess the solutions of structural unemployment that the government can employ. Structural unemployment occurs when there is a permanent fall in demand for a particular type of labour. For example, when workers are mismatched for skills for the job or their geographic area limits where they want to work- if a mining site disappears, the coal miner will not be able to work in the neighbourhood bakery instead as he does not have the skills required for baking.

    • Word count: 779
  18. Resumen of Physics

    The Cordillera Blanca is the most accessible high altitude mountain range in Peru, including the Huascaran (6768m, it's the highest point in Peru), which attracted many tourists into climbing + trekking & other associated businesses. Huaraz has many functions: - Administration of the Department of Ancash. - Agriculture. - Mining. - Tourism. Aim While investigating about the Human Geography of Huaraz, I only had one thing in mind, and it was the aim, which was: "To delimit the CBD of Huaraz".

    • Word count: 653
  19. Unemployment - measurement, different types and the problems caused by unemployment

    simply the number of people looking for a job who don't have one - The percentage is the percentage of the Total Labor Force. o The total labor force is everyone who is working or willing to work between 16 and 65. The total labor force increases as the wage increases. It does not include students, housewives and others who have another source of income - There are two ways of measuring the level of unemployment - Counting all those who claim unemployment benefit from the government, as in many EU countries or from private insurance as in USA -

    • Word count: 808
  20. The Economics of Housing. Factors affecting prices and demand.

    It means when the price of a good increases, the quantity demanded will fall. So demand is the function of price. When someone demand something that means that person want to buy it and he/she can afford it." The quantity demanded of a good or service is the amount that consumers plan to buy during a given time period at a particular price."(Michael Perkin, 8th edition, page 61) The following graph shows the demand curve: Q Where D = f (P) P falls, D increases, vice versa, other things remaining the same. The main factors that change in demand are: 1.

    • Word count: 2813
  21. Ib Economics Definations

    and many sellers, with very low barriers to entry and a degree of product differentiation oligopoly an industry where there are a few large firms which take up majority of market share, significant barriers to entry and a very low degree of product differentiation demand the quantity of a product than buyers are willing and able to buy at a given price per unit time supply the quantity of a product suppliers are willing and able to supply at each price per unit time maximum price a price ceiling (market restriction not allowing price of product to rise above it)

    • Word count: 950
  22. Essay on oligopolistic behaviour

    However in a tacit collusion the companies in an oligopoly will charge the same price by observing each others behaviour, which is possible due to the relatively small number of companies. Alternatively the companies may also simply follow the prices of the leading company giving the same effect. In both cases the price will settle at a supernormal profit, as the quantity will be set where MC=MR, giving maximum profits. Unlike the monopolistic alternate version, productive efficiency will never be an option, as the other companies in the oligopoly would be able to push out a company attempting such efficiency.

    • Word count: 837
  23. Distinguish between a progressive and regressive tax

    There are two main types of taxes in a country. I will be distinguishing between the fairness of the tax, and the effect they have on a different individuals in society. The first type of tax is progressive taxes. A progressive tax is one where, as your income rises, you pay more tax in proportion to your income. Whereas a regressive tax is one where as your income rises, the amount paid in proportion to income falls.

    • Word count: 410
  24. IB SL Economics commentary: Market Failure

    The concept of Pareto efficiency, a scenario where no improvements in the allocation of goods to benefit individuals without making others worse off, is integral to this scenario. A Pareto efficient outcome is the socially optimal; however, additional government involvement is sometimes necessary where the free market has failed. The negative impact on parties not involved in the transaction, accrued to society as a cause of only a small number of students attending university, i.e. the negative externality, to be corrected will manifest itself in stagnant growth in the standard of living and national income.

    • Word count: 808
  25. IB SL Economics Commentary: Macroeconomics

    This package has in it $12B in infrastructure spending, $7.8B meant to stimulate construction firms, $8.3 B for skills training and retraining, and several tax credits ranging from the home improvement ($1350/family) to lowered EI and income tax rates. Fiscal policy generally concerns itself with creating conditions of full employment, price stability and real GDP growth. Full employment, or an economic state where all eligible people who want to work can find employment at the prevailing wage rate, is important in achieving a state of maximum productivity in the economy.

    • Word count: 784

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