Discuss the proposed introduction of a graduate tax in Scotland

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Discuss the proposed introduction of a graduate tax in Scotland

        The summer of 2007 the Scottish Government proposed a graduation tax for Scottish    students .With this move the government wanted to exploit the graduates that were financial wealthy from others in order to help poorer people with bursaries to finish their studies .This topic  is very important to be understood by everyone because if we would suppose that a university degree is an investment , as it will probably help us in the future to earn money then the students will have to refund the government .In this essay now we are going to discuss the positive and the negative side of this graduation tax and we will also be able to see the opinion of some very important people of the political firmament and of course from academic people .One very important point that we should target is the impact of this graduation tax in the current financial crises which of course affects the government ,the students and most importantly the universities .

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        To begin with , we have to understand what is the graduation tax and what role does it plays in the economic and educational system .According to BBC news in 2010 it was reported by the Scottish Conservative Party that the graduation tax in Scotland will represent the Australian model where students have to pay back to the government their tuition fees and the living costs by the time they were in university .So as we can clearly see the students will have to pay this tax after their graduation and when ...

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