Role of ICT for "Make in India" government initiative.

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                   “MAKE  IN  INDIA”  INITIATIVE      

                                             ICT  FOR  MAKE  IN  INDIA


                            During  our  freedom  struggle,  Mahatma  Gandhi  gave  a  clarion  call  for  boycotting  foreign made  products  and  to  use  the  Indian  made  clothes   with  a  view  to  drive  imperialist  British  people.  After  67years  of  independence  and  self  rule  we  are  still  at  cross  roads  of  economical  independence.  Even though  purchasing  power  of  people  increased  by  leaps  and  bounds. Rural  and  Urban  divide, gap  between  rich  and  poor  India  persists.  With  a  view  to  uproot  poverty  and  unemployment  Prime Minister  Sri  Narendra  Modi   has  given  a  call  for  “MAKE  IN  INDIA”.  This  involves  making  of  things  now  being  imported  but  can  be  made  in India and  making  of  products  in  India  by  Foreign  companies  and  exporting  for  use  in  other  countries  in order  to  strengthen   our   country’s  manufacturing  sectors.  The  role  of  ICT  and  its contribution  for  achieving  the  goal  of  “MAKE  IN  INDIA”  is  briefly  discussed  here.          

 Logo  for  Make  In  India

The  Logo  for  “MAKE  IN  INDIA”  is  designed  with  an  Elegant  Lion,  inspired  by  Ashoka  Chakra  to  represent  India’s  success  in  all  spheres.

  • Launch  Date                             :  25th  September ,2014
  • Launched  By                             : PM  Mr. Narendra  Modi
  • Number  of  sectors                    : 25
  • Investment  Proposals received  : INR  2000  crore  (till Oct  9th,2014)
  • “MAKE  IN  INDIA”  campaign  is  dedicated  to  patriot, a great  philosopher  and  political  leader  Pandit  Deen  Dayal  Upadhyaya  who  was  born  on the  same  date  in 1916

Information  and  Communication  Technology:

               ICT  can  be  broadly  viewed  under  two  sectors,  Information  Technology ( IT )  and  Communication.  It  refers  to  technology  that  gains  access  to  information  via  telecommunications.  ICT  includes  various  communication  mediums  like  Internet, wireless  networks,  Mobile  phones  etc.  Modern  Information  and  Communication  technology  has  constructed  a  “Global  Village”  where  people  all  around  the  world  can  communicate  with each  other  as  if  they  were  living  next  door.  ICT  plays  a  significant  role  at  the  macro  level  in  the  process  of  globalization  and  also  at  the  micro  level, for  instance,  increased   usage  of  mobile  phones  has  modified  the  communication  patterns  all  over  the  world.   Can  investment  in  ICT  assist  us  to  improve  the  quality  and  cost  effectiveness  of  services?  Can  we  consider  investment  in  ICT  as  an  alternative  approach  to  face-to-face  services?  What  are  all  the  roles  of  government  and  other  private  sectors  in  harnessing  the  power  of  ICT  within  this  field?  The  present  essay  addresses  all  these  related  issues.                           

Role  of  ICT  for  Make  in  India:

               For  the  past  few  decades,  Information  and  Communication  Technology  Industry  in  India  has  witnessed  a  drastic  growth.  India  has  emerged  itself  as  a  global  leader  in  all  sectors  by  capitalizing  on  its  benefits  of  talent  pool,  low  cost  operation  and  remote  delivery  model.  India  being  one  of  the  fast-growing  IT  markets  in  the  world  has  played  a  major  role  in  transforming  India’s  image  from  a  snail  paced  bureaucratic  economy  to  a  land of  innovative  entrepreneurs.                

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        “Information  and  Communication  Technology  can  generate  new  opening  to  bridge  the  gap  between  Information  haves  and  Information  have-nots  in  the  developing  countries  like  India”.  It  is  a  view  of  the  government  that  only  Information  and  Communication  Technology  can  pave  the  route  to  generate  various  prospects  to  fill  the  space  between  haves  and  haves-not  in  the  society.  

              It  is  notable  that,  in  our  country  there  is  a  increased  consciousness  of  multiple  roles  that  ICT  can  play  in  overall  growth  of  the  country.  Political  leaders  and  policy  makers  have  also  laid  stress  on  the ...

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