What new possibilities do developments in technology provide for families?

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What new possibilities do developments in technology provide for families?

In our developed countries (Europe, USA, China, etc.), computers, Laptops, mobile phones, iPod or other electronic devices are since the 21th century everywhere. A lot of people have an electronic device. For your job you use your computer, at home you use it do hand-in your work, in Schools students work often with the computer to do presentations or homework, so a life without any electronic device is in our new century not imaginable. Even little children start to play with their moms Mobile Phone, so they start really fast to enter in the new world of Electronics.

The globalisation of the people changes a lot in our mind. We start to communicate with other people from the other side of the world and we can share our wellness with other people. If we do holidays in Singapore or in Florida, everybody can see all the time where you are and what you do.

Facebook was invented 2004 and since than the world starts to get less strict and care less about their privacy. Pictures with half naked women, which get showed on a “Facebook-Profile” are very common. The people loose their privacy and starts too get public. Under your friendship you are a talking point.

This is why I want to talk about the problems, which consider families since the globalisation in the electronic work.

With the possibilities of the new 21-century could help families in much ways of their living choice.  If the husband works for a big company which is placed somewhere in the world, he could stay and live where he want to. With E-mails (electronic mail system) there is no problem to lead the company with orders per email. So he could stay in his house for example somewhere in Canada and his company is in Singapore. Todays Families are really under control of the Globalisation of Electronic medias.

With my personal experience I often saw little children growing up with the medians around them so they start to have the feeling “that they want this too”, so they go to their parents and ask for it.

“Mummy or Daddy can I have please this new PlayStation?” Often the parents say now because they don’t want to afford their child the PlayStation. But in the end effect they get it for Christmas, Eastern or Birthday.

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You cannot hold your family out of the Globalisation. Everybody have to change his lifestyle with the help of our new medias.

If the medians wouldn’t exist  a lot of friendships couldn’t still alive, because from my experience I know it is much easier to stay in contact with somebody over “Facebook” than with writing letters. We would be just in a “cage” around us; we could just have our friends around us. So for Students and other younger part of the family is it really helpful if we live in the globalisation of electronics.

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