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International Baccalaureate: Geography

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  1. Desertification of Sahara and Gobi desert

    It is estimated that warm deserts form about one fifth of the land surface of the world." (Thefreedictionary.com, 2010) There are many deserts worldwide from South America trough Africa to Asia, deserts differ from region to region some are sandy and very hot and some are rocky or covered by ice and snow. Desert is characterized by very dry land and big temperature differences between the day and night. Desertification is due to the land degradation in the semi- arid and arid areas caused by human beings and climatic changes.

    • Word count: 3142
  2. Climate changes in Canada. What consequences derive from the climate change in Canada and what actions are taken part as a result?

    However, over the past two decades, the climate temperature has been increasing at an uncontrollable speed. This has become a matter of concern and urgently demands global attention including Canada. Climate change is measured by several different factors: changes in temperature, wind, snow cover, and precipitation. If there is a long-term shift in them, then it is most likely to be a change in climate. There are a couple different theories regarding the cause of the climate change. The most commonly known theory states that warmer temperatures are a result of urbanization and burning fossil fuels, leading to the build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

    • Word count: 4411
  3. Foreign Talent-Dilemma in Singapore. as we shall explain, illustrate and seek to convince in this report, foreign talent help to make Singapore more competitive, and create more opportunities than we can generate on our own. This will be crucial in enabl

    This will be crucial in enabling Singaporeans to find fulfilment and achieve "the good life". Singaporeans have expressed concerns. However, after much discussion and deliberation, our committee feels strongly that there is no contradiction between making Singapore our best home and a talent capital. These two goals are mutually self-reinforcing and synergistic. Why Do We Need Foreign Talent? 5. Talent is crucial to Singapore's survival and success. To maintain our long-term competitiveness, Singapore must transit into a Knowledge-Based Economy (KBE).

    • Word count: 10052
  4. Food aid: case study

    Pasture conditions are excellent and no major outbreaks of crop pests have been reported. Crop conditions in Nigeria and other countries in the sub-region also appear to be favorable; therefore, added pressures on Niger food stocks will be minimal and this indicates that the current situation of food supply in Niger is improving. Niger appears to be on the path to a fourth consecutive good annual harvest. This may be the first time in modern history that Niger has enjoyed four good annual harvests in a row.

    • Word count: 3927
  5. About Iberia Airlines

    Timp de un an a fost finantata de catre guvernul Spaniol, pentru a face transport postal �ntre Barcelona si Madrid. Dupa doisprazece ani de activitate, iberia lanseaza zboruri spre sau din Europa, primul zbor fiind Madrid- Lisabona. Astazi Grupul Iberia zboara �n 206 destinatii �n 46 de tari. �n plus, si �n code share cu alte companii aeriene, ofera zboruri spre 60 de destinatii �n 25 de tari. Cu o flota de peste 200 de aeronave, desfasoara aproximativ 1.000 de zboruri zilnice. �n anul 2002, a avut 28 milioane de pasageri si a transportat peste 210000 de tone de marfa.

    • Word count: 4061
  6. sdfsdf

    • Word count: 435435
  7. Latin America - history, politics, immigration and literature.

    But later explores found that it was not the coast of Asia. Explorers got a different impression, which was accepted by others. During the first decade of the century the only secure Spanish settlement in the new world was Santo Domingo, on the island of Hispaniola. A consistently stable settlement was not achieved in continental America until 1510. Then the speed of Spanish expansion grew over a vast region, which was astonishing. By 1515, with the conquest of Cuba and the finding of Havana, the islands of the Caribbean are under Spanish control.

    • Word count: 3860
  8. Geo IA Globolisation

    As time has passed globalisation has become increasingly intergraded due to the growth in international trade, the growth of transnational corporations, international economic agreements, trading blocs and global movement of capital. Globalisation as a whole keeps becoming more and more intergraded since 1945 due to the advantages in technology which have reduced the cost of transport, communications and information, as well as the governments increasing trade policies with free trade policies. To prove the globalisation of food in stores around Stockholm, my group has chosen three different areas in Stockholm, Sweden in which we examined different categories of food products/drinks (most important cultural trait)

    • Word count: 3225
  9. Geo Internal Assesment 2005

    Further away from the mouth, the river will have a steeper gradient, which means water will have a greater velocity due to Newton's law of gravity. * Aim 2: To see where the water flows will be faster. * Hypothesis 2.1: The velocity will be faster before a meander * Justification 2.2: Happens because the river water slows down with the curve and the friction caused by it in the outer edge of the river, we can see this in the theory sustaining the water velocities in a meander (see fig 2.1)

    • Word count: 5275
  10. Republic of Yemen

    The mountain regions have a nice summer temperature of an average of 21�C, and cool winter temperatures with minimums that usually do not go lower than 4�C and they are considered the best regions to live in the Arabic Peninsula. The temperatures in Tihamah (located on the western coast of Yemen) usually are greater than 54�C, because the clime in Tihamah is tropical. Average annual rainfall is 127mm. As you can see in the climate graph of Aden the average temperature is 25�C in January and 32�C in June, but the highs do not often exceed 35�C.

    • Word count: 3465
  11. Kings College operates a good example of an environmentally sustainable school? Discuss?

    Also recycling, reduce the food wastage and the amount of energy used by the school. Kings college is a secondary school with students aged 11- 18, it is located in the south east of England in Guildford, surrey. It is located in the centre of a big council estate of Park Barn. It location is approximately 30 miles from the capital London. It is located about 10 minute walk to Guildford train station directly on the main line to waterloo. Aim: 'Kings College promotes a culture of environmental sustainability and as such can be described as a sustainable school'.

    • Word count: 3403
  12. Richmond Shopping Field Study

    Background Theories Shopping Centres and stores themselves can be placed into a hierarchy based on their centrality and the services they provide. At the pinnacle of the hierarchy are stores containing comparison goods which are goods that are regarded as luxuries and a customer will probably visit numerous stores to compare the prices and these items are typically more expensive such as furniture and electronics and are not purchased as frequently but, have a higher threshold requirement and range. The base of the pyramid is made up of small shops selling convenience goods which are items that are bought almost daily6 (Please refer to Figure 1).

    • Word count: 3174
  13. Shanty Case Study

    http://www.wfp.org/english/?ModuleID=137&Key=1952 16) http://robert-in-kenya.blogspot.com/ (picture) 17)http://picasaweb.google.com/mcgibbaa/EastAfrica2007/photo#5094226999934048866 (picture) 18) http://www.oikoumene.org/es/activities/la-reda/recursos-y-enlaces/reda-galeria-de-fotos/water-and-sanitation-at-the-kibera-slum-nairobi-kenya.html (picture) 19) http://www.aerzte-dritte-welt.de/cms/content/view/68/76/1/1/lang,en/(picture) 2. The capital city of Kenya, Nairobi (see Map One), is a primate city with a population of 2,845,400(a). There are six major shanty areas in Nairobi- Mathare, Kibera, Mukuru, Kangemi, Huruma and Kawangware. See Map 2. In total, there are about 2,378,000 people living in slums, which mean that 84% of the population of Nairobi lives in slums. See Figure 2. a2 a3 >>Looking at these two photos, one would not believe that only 16% of Nairobi's population live in the developed, clean part of the city while the rest clutter in shanty settlements.

    • Word count: 4689
  14. Globalization Case Study

    Global tourism is also promoted by these corporations, in which mass immigration, both temporal and permanent is occurring world wide, in which the new groups of people are bringing their culture to their new country. Globalization is not a current trend. It started 500 years ago with European colonisation, such as France`s colonization of Haiti in the Caribbean. Haiti is an excellent example of a nation that has and is experiencing globalization at its worst because it has a select few staying wealthy while the masses are staying impoverished and oppressed.

    • Word count: 4790
  15. Tourism Case Study

    Among Egypt's most important industries one stands alone, and that is tourism. Tourism represents 11.3% of Egypt's GDP. This industry indirectly and directly employs 2.5 million people. The all defining benefit from this tourism, as well as what helps to sustain it, is the stimulus it has lent onto infrastructure. 3.3 billion dollars were invested in roads, as seen in image 2, electricity, water, sanitation, and airports through this tourism. Tourism is vital for the economy, and the hot spot for Egypt's tourism is nowhere else than in its capital, Cairo.

    • Word count: 3693
  16. Geography Field Study - Delineating the CBD Antwerp

    The height of buildings will decline with distance from the CBD V. The price of car parking will decrease with distance from the CBD VI. The distributional pattern of Antwerp's top hotels will be regular 4. Justification for our hypothesis: Reasoning for our hypotheses is based on a variety of urban theories, notably Burgess and his Concentric Ring Model, neo-classical theories and other more recent theories about the location and characteristics of the CBD Burgess assumed that cities contained a variety of clearly defined socio-economic areas; therefore the CBD could be clearly outlined.

    • Word count: 4200
  17. Case study on Aral Sea

    The Biophysical Environment "The area around Aral sea consists of dry, flat plain with few rivers. Aral Sea is situated in the middle of the Asian land. So the area around it experience hot, dry climates which have the land similar to that of a desert or steppe grassland. The Average annual precipitation rarely exceeds 150mm per year. The range between the minimum and maximum temperature is a huge difference. The maximum temperature is 47 degree centigrade in the summer and in the winter it falls to -20 degrees centigrade. The air around the Aral sea is very dry.

    • Word count: 3277
  18. Geography fieldwork IA

    Some common terms of globalization are: internationalization, universalization, westernization or modernization, liberalization, deterritorialization. Some definitions are: Universalization - process of spreading various objects and experiences at all corners of the earth. A classic example is of this would be the spread of computing, communications, television... Liberalization - process of removing government imposed restrictions on movements between countries in order to create an 'open' borderless world economy. Westernization - Dynamics of modernity through capitalism, rationalism, industrialism, bureaucratism which is beneficial but destroys pre-existing cultures and local self-determination in the process.

    • Word count: 3025
  19. Field Study Geo

    With our data collected we are able to observe the land use of Richmond. Methods of Data Collection My group had spread out through the eight different areas. After consulting about how to record the information needed, we spread out to the different areas and began collecting out data. From approximately 1250- 1623 hrs we collected out data. Throughout the different times we are able to see how the time of day had played an influence on the traffic on the road and amount of pedestrians that had passed by. In each different area we had also taken pictures of the surrounding shops so that we are able to relate the different shops in

    • Word count: 3116
  20. Free essay

    An investigation into the underlying factors affecting infiltration rates and their impacts in a green space in Brussels, Belgium

    The movement of water in the basin is part of the hydrological cycle. In the drainage basin, rain falls down to the surface and is either intercepted by foliage (interception storage), runs off into the river, or infiltrates through the soil and down into the underlying geology of the catchment area, where the water seeps through as throughflow (or groundwater flow, which is water that flows under the water table). Eventually, after this input of throughflow and groundwater flow as it seeps into the ocean, water evaporates into the atmosphere. Other outputs include evaporation, dependant on the temperature of the climate, and transpiration, if vegetation is abundant in the area.

    • Word count: 5459
  21. Field Study - Granville Island, Vancouver

    It rests on the notion that centralization is a natural principle of order and that human settlements follow it. The theory relies on two concepts: threshold, the minimum market needed to bring about the selling of a particular good or service, and range, the maximum distance consumers are prepared to travel to acquire goods (at some point, the cost or inconvenience will outweigh the need for the good). PART B: METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION Waking up to the fresh morning breeze and wintry temperature of 2.1�C on Tuesday, February 27th, 2007, the classes arrived at Granville Island.

    • Word count: 5356
  22. Study of Agricultural Systems

    Several hundred thousand square miles of the Great Plains have fewer than six persons per square mile. Many have fewer than two persons per square mile. This problem is often intensified by the consolidation of farms and the difficulty of attracting modern industry to the region. As a result of such a small population in this particular area, there is a small input of labour. However, due to the USA's extremely successful economy as reflected by its high GDP (ranked 1st amongst all nations), the amount of capital is high. As well, the input of capital has always been high in the Great Plains as farming is highly mechanized.

    • Word count: 3415
  23. The Effect of Changing Distance From Toronto's Central Business District on Parking Prices.

    The characteristic of decreasing building height is relevant because at the core of the CBD, competition for land results in higher rent prices and businesses must therefore be more productive by maximizing land space (Waugh). On a limited expanse of land, the only way to do this is to build upwards, so taller buildings within the CBD will indicate a more economically prosperous area (Wakefield). Because of these immediately recognizable changes in the visual characteristics, it was decided to investigate if the spatial changes in the areas affected the financial aspects.

    • Word count: 4487
  24. The Problem of Corruption in Egypt

    * Petty corruption will remain a problem so long as Egypt does not have a minimum wage. Existing salaries tend to be very low, leading many individuals to solicit bribes as a way of keeping financially afloat. Corruption in Egypt * Egypt ranked 114th out of 177 in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2013, conducted by the global coalition against corruption Transparency International, which surveys the corruption levels of countries worldwide. Egypt?s rank in the 2012 report was 118, out of the 174 countries surveyed.

    • Word count: 3616
  25. Geography - Building a Sustainable House in Australia

    This is often referred to as Passive Heating. The block is a north south orientated block and is perfect for sun positioning during winter and summer. The bedrooms will be placed in the southern side of the house as they will be warm in the winter and will not receive much heat in the winter. The living room will be placed Large Windows will be placed on the Northern Side of the house to maximize the winter sun and to heat the living room.

    • Word count: 3993

IB Geography encourages its students to build an international and global awareness throughout the course and to acquire an understanding of alternative ideas and approaches. IB Geography will cover both human and physical geography and you'll be looking at key contemporary issues in the subject such as sustainability and climate change at a variety of locations. The subject is organised into core and option modules and the core is based around the concept of the UN's Millennium Development Goals; this means you'll cover Population in Transition, Disparities in Wealth and Development, Patterns in Environmental Quality and Sustainability, and Patterns of Resource Consumption. There are 7 optional topics which include Hazards and Disasters, Oceans and their Coastal Margins and Extreme Environments.

At the Higher level there is an extension which covers another 7 compulsory topics. There is a fieldwork element which will be at the local scale and must be related to one of the topics you cover. The report from this forms part of the internal assessment. The external assessment is completed by a series ofexaminations and you'll need to build your exam technique and written style.


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    "In conclusion, both countries try to offer the best quality of education for all children, but they differ significantly in teaching quality and facilities. For students who wishing to study abroad, England could be better choice. However, the education systems in each country also have a good points and bad points, so the exchange education between two countries would be considerably."

  • To what extent are deserts a product of present day processes?

    "In conclusion, many of the landscapes seen in the desert today are a product of present day processes shaping the land over a long period of time. However, the sheer scale of some of these indicates that the present day processes worked in combination with things ling tectonic uplift, and some landforms were not created by present day processes at all."


    "In conclusion, arranged marriage is very complicated issue all over the world, the term "arranged marriage" need to understand exactly and the couples must have a right to choose their spouses. On the other hand, the law system would be considered building tightly, making the fair and avoiding forced marriage in social life."

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