Evaluation of the industrial revolution

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In order for the industrial revolution to occur, manufacturers needed raw materials such as cotton, produced by slave labour on the plantations of the southern US. American cotton was crucial to the growth of the British & American textile industries. Slaves working on an American cotton plantation in the early 1850s, produces the raw material of early industrialization. Even though the British abolished the slave trade in 1807, and the US forbade Southern planters to trade in slaves the same year, slavery persisted for another 56 years. Once the Civil War ended, slavery & the plantation system collapsed in the US, and British manufacturers turned to Egypt & India for raw materials, thus expanding the global reach of the industrial economy.

Cotton grown by slaves in the American South fueled industrial revolution. In US, beginning in the last decade of the 18th C, textile factories sprang up along rivers throughout New England.

The industrial revolution that began in England and spread to the US and continental Europe by the 1840s and 1850s had tremendous effects around the world. Although Europe, western E, and the US were the fist major areas to experience IDs, by the end of the 19th C, other countries—notably Russia, Japan, and Sweden, among others—joined in. For the captains of industry produced gods in order to sell, trade or barter them, and their commercial activities circled the globe.

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The salve trade provided labor for the cotton plantations of the US, which in turn fueled the cotton textile industry & the ID in England, illustrates this global trading network. Slaves frm Africa transported to US, and also Caribbea, where the French and British grew sugar & manufactured rum. Slave trad ebegain in 1500s whern the Portuguese and Spanish begain shipping human cargo to Brazil and South America. In the 1700s, it expanded when slave trade is realized to be profitable, being used as free labor growing cotton, tabacco, coffe and producing sugar. Although histoerians disagree about extent o which ...

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