How UK is being affected by climate change

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How UK is being affected by climate change?

Global warming has a significant effect on the climate in UK. Four of the five warmest years for more than three centuries have occurred in the last 10 years. By the 2050s, annual temperatures in the south east of the country could be on average more than 2C warmer than they are now - 30 years later that may rise to more than 3C.

Predictions by the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia put global sea level rises between 12cm and 67cm by 2050.due to increased rainfall and rising sea levels. Parts of East Anglia as well as parts of the south east could end up under water. The threat of rising sea levels is compounded by the fact that the UK is gradually tilting (not equal in height). The south east of the country is sinking while the northwest is rising.

Studies of long term trends of climate change at the Climate Research Unit have found that winter precipitation (the amount of water fall in winter) could increase by more than 20% by the 2080s. By contrast, in summer, central and southern UK could be much dryer than it is now with up to 18% less rainfall by 2080s. However northern England and Scotland is likely to experience the double whammy (double consequences) of both wetter summers and wetter winters.

With hotter weather, the demand for water would increase significantly as would evaporation from reservoirs (tanks to save water). As a result droughts, already a problem in the south during the summers, are likely to become more severe.

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Plants and animals:

Research also suggests that the varieties of plants grown in the UK will also be affected by global warming. Areas of growing maize and arable crops (farmable or growable or whatever crops) will shift toward the north and midlands. And the hot summers could also be a real boost to the British wine industry as more fruits will grow in hotter areas.

Warmer seas around the UK are likely to attract fish that, up until now, have favored more southern waters. Recently fishermen have reported seeing surprising numbers of mullet, anchovies and various species of shark.

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