The Millenium Devolpment Goals and their current progress

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The Millennium Development Goals:            How are they doing right now?The Millennium Development goals were a list of 8 objectives that, by the terms set by the founding countries, must be met by 2015. The MDG`s were set in 2000 and now we are presently 2/3rd`s until the project is officially over.  The consequences for failure are insignificant to nothing and although countries could ignore the goals it would send a terrible message if a country refuses the most helpful and progressive international project most likely ever made. The MDG`s listed in order below: Within each of the 8 goals there are terms for completion as for the most part the goal must be improved by 50%. Eradicate Extreme Poverty and HungerAchieve Universal Primary EducationPromote Gender Equality and Empower WomenReduce Child MortalityImprove Maternal HealthCombat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other DiseasesEnsure Environmental SustainabilityDevelop a Global Partnership for Development So how far exactly is the world into solving each of these problems: (keep in mind that all results start at 1990)(Results on last page)(We will only go up to 6)1: The first MDG is considered a one of the main priorities for the UN and so far the objective seems feasible as some countries have already met their
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goals and most are on a dramatic decrease for poverty and hunger. There is still though some countries who are far from completion, but, on of the main worries for the UN is that they fear that slower economic growth and rising food prices could reverse recent progress in the next few years. Results can be seen in Fig. 12: This MDG talks of the proposed increase of global education. Most of the results for this MDG are taken from Literacy rate data or primary school attendance (fig. 2). Attendance data based on household surveys show that the number of ...

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