Environmental sciences Lab-1(Wet Stones Experiment)

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(Wet stones experiment)

By Arjun Sharma


Wet stones experiment

Aim: To find the reason for some stones being wet on the river beach.

Focused aim : To investigate the level of wetness on different rocks & how different colours & sizes effects the wetness level of rocks.


Control variable:  Number of stones

Dependant variable:  Amount of moisture

Independent variable: Size & Colour of rocks


  • Digital measuring machine
  • Calculator
  • Thermometer


  • Lighter the weight, dryer it is.
  • Higher the weight, more wet it is.

Risk Assessment:

  • Since condensation level was high in the morning, Stones tend to be wet, Rubber boots are therefore recommended to wear while collection of the stones.
  • Since current levels were strong in the morning, not too much close contact with the stream while collecting the rocks is recommended.
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  • First we investigated what time to start the project since condensation level is high in the morning & therefore rocks would be wet in the morning.
  • Next, we searched through the beach for wet rocks
  • Different colours & sizes of rocks were collected to see the two above factors effect the temperature of the rocks.
  • 25 rocks were collected by our group
  • One by One rocks were kept on the Digital measuring machine & its weight were noted.
  • Air temperature of the site was then measured.
  • Temperature of the rocks was ...

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