Vegetation Study

By Arjun Sharma


Aim: To investigate & compare the vegetation levels of Different sites.

Focused Aim:  The aim of the investigation was to study and identify the relationship between the changes in vegetation at different areas by the help of quadrants and transects.


Independent Variable- Number of quadrants and transects to be applied to the vegetation study and Number of sites

Dependent Variable- Vegetation Levels of different sites, Types of plants found at various areas.

Controlled Variable- Properties of plants, Amount of sunlight the plants receive and Type of plants.


  • Quadrat
  • Transects
  • Scale
  • Measuring tape (up to 25m long.)
  • Ziploc bag(For sample collection)


  • Relation between vegetation structure and environment will be affected by the size of the quadrat and the length of the transect applied to the vegetation study.[Independent & Dependant Variable]
  • Smaller quadrat size implemented will affect the vegetation level of the site.[Independent & Dependant variable]
  • Environmental conditions such as soil, sunlight will affect the composition of the vegetation.[Controlled & Dependant Variable]
  • The amount of sampling and sites to investigate the vegetation level effects the relation linking with vegetation and environment.[Independent & Dependant Variable]
  • Properties of plants such as Length, mass will affect the vegetation study in the area.[Controlled & Dependant Variable]

Risk assessment-

  • Areas during the study Require a lot of climbing and few sites maybe crammed with rocks, Boots as a footwear is recommended while studying vegetation levels at various sites.
  • Surroundings During the vegetation may have species of plants with sharper thorns, therefore careful conduct must be undertaken while performing the vegetation study.


The Method used to study the vegetation at various areas was by the help of a Quadrat and a 25m belt line transect. Quadrants was used a technique to observe vegetation levels at the site, therefore two Areas(Terrace & forest) were employed where 4 sites were marked to study the vegetation level and make comparisons. Transects were utilized in a single area(forest) where two sites were marked to study. The 25m Transect was positioned from one site of the forest to another at two sites. A sample station was taken every 3-5 m. Several methods were implemented to collect and analyze the data-

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  • First, Investigation was taken place to identify the sites where transects & quadrant’s would be implemented in order to study the vegetation of the area.
  • First, To record the vegetation present we used the quadrant technique at two different areas.


  • At 4 sample stations, a quadrant was placed.
  • Types of plants in the quadrants were observed and noted down.
  • Lengths/sizes of plants were measured and Noted.
  • The percentage cover of  quadrants was recorded for each site.(Vegetated & dry )
  • Samples of few of these plants were collected for further investigation.


  • At 4 ...

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