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Global Positioning System (GPS)

Peripheral Use of the System

  1. Introduction of the Subject

Nowadays, the word “maps” are becoming less popular and has evolved into the word “GPS”. Simply, the Global Positioning System is a system of satellites and receiving devices used to compute positions on Earth. The information can be used in a three-way communication for use as positioning system.

        After much evolution of the GPS technology, it is very useful in tracking down an individual- not only humans, but also animals. A tiny modem, attached to their collar, sends out a text message to a mobile phone, PDA, or other two-way wireless device, whenever a pet leaves any predetermined boundaries. Not only is the owner notified, but the receiver gives directions, and even maps, with certain supported mobile phones, for finding the wandering pet.

        Many mobile phones, PCs or PDAs already have real-time tracking software readily installed in them, making it accessible and easy to operate. PawTRAX™ is an example of an online program that allows users to track their pets. Users can enable geo-fences, and follow the pet's movements in real time.

  1. The IT Background of the subject

Since 2001, developers have tried to analyze using the method of instantaneous positioning for continuous access to high-rate data. The first effort was taken by the Orange County Real Time Network. Now, Real time GPS can now commonly be found in any new mobile phones, PDAs and PCs. These programs, along with a receiver device (preferably a GPS embedded collar), enables pets owners to locate their pets’ positions- prevent the pet from wandering off by itself and minimize pet-napping.

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A Real-Time GPS Tracking System has a built-in connection to the internet so you can log-on and see where the device is and check most current location from anywhere in the world.

Global Pet Finder is the world's first GPS location device for pets. PetSafe — reportedly the first company to bring dog owners the electronic fence — today unveiled its PetSafe GPS Locator, a GPS- and cellular-based tracking collar for dogs.

Currently, only GPS embedded collars are available for the GPS pet-tracking. There have only been minor developments in this area- mostly revolving around additional features, but no discovery ...

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