Personal Project - creating a website to educate people about the history of the electric guitar.

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The Goal of My Project:

The goal of my project is to inform people about the history of the electric guitar and the impact that it has had on music and society.

The Context of My Choice:

For three years I have played the electric guitar as a hobby and over time I have became attached to it and the music that it creates. So therefore the personal project seems to be a fantastic opportunity to explore into and learn more about the instrument and the impact that it has caused on music and society throughout the last eighty years. This project will also allow me to appreciate the electric guitar in a new way as I will not only have the ability to play the instrument but I will also have great knowledge.

Which Area of Interaction Does My Project Relate to and Why:

The topic that I have chosen for my personal project is linked closely to the Area of Interaction Human Ingenuity. This is because my topic depends strongly on researching into the origin, process and development of the electric guitar and the impact that the instrument has had on music and society. The electric guitar also shows of the human’s capacity to improve life by benefiting the music industry and making music far more appealing to listen to.

My project also relates to the Area of Interaction Approaches to Learning. This is because one of the key aspects of my project is to research into how I can inform people about the history of the electric guitar and the impact that it has had on music and society. The topic of informing people requires me to research into how I can communicate as much information as I possibly can to the viewer of my product. Therefore my project is related to the development of effective study skills which is one of the main areas of Approaches to Learning.

How I Aim to Achieve My Goal:

I aim to achieve my goal by gaining a wide variety of information about my topic from a range of different sources such as internet websites, books, television programmes, interviews (with my guitar and music teachers) and any other source that I find which relates to my chosen topic (I should use at least five different kinds of sources). I will need to collect research on the history of the electric guitar, the change that the electric guitar brought to music, the impact that it had on society, researching into a design which will make my website attention grabbing, essay writing (which shall help me structure my websites text) and finally how to create the website itself (I will have to pick website designing programme first). I will then use the appropriate research that I’ve gathered to answer the key questions set by the human ingenuity area of interaction. While research I will have to check if the sources I’m gathering the information from are reliable and to analyze the information to see if it fits my projects question. Another important factor is to make sure that I’m addressing my AOI appropriately and achieve the goals that I set for myself in the process journal which shall manage what goals that I need to complete over a specific amount of time.

The next step to achieve my goal would be to create a website about the history of the electric guitar and the impact that it has had on music and society using the information that I have gathered. First I shall create a few separate designs of my website and then I will conduct a form over Google Mail to see which one is the most effective. After this has been completed I shall make my final adjustments to the chosen website to make it perfect.

What is the Justification Section?

This section of my personal project justifies the techniques which I have chosen to use.

Why I have decided to create a website for my final product?

I have decided to create a website as my final product as it is the most efficient way to inform people about a topic. This is because around 450 million people have access to the internets regularly around the globe; this means that anyone out of the 450 million people would be able to view my website if they wish () this makes the internet far more effective than any other source that is used to inform people. A website can also contain all of the information that I wish to use while still maintaining an effective design unlike a poster which can only contain a limited amount of information. It is also far easier to navigate your way around a website a links can take you to your desired location very easily unlike an essay where you would have to scan through everything.

I have decided to use the website designing programme Wix to create my website. I am using this programme because it offers huge range of writing templates, pre website backing design ideas which I can alter to my exact specifications, it has an easy to use interface so I can navigate and edit my website design easily and it is free. These aspects make Wix the perfect website designer for a novice like myself.

What is the Design Specifications Section?

The design specification section shows the requirements that my final product needs to meet. Here are the requirements:

.The website catches the viewer’s attention

. The text can be read without trouble

. The website is easy to navigate around

. The websites layout and design look effective are consistent throughout the site

. All pictures and videos support the writing and help to get information across to the viewer

. The writing within the website is well written and has an essays structure.

. The writing informs the viewer about the history of the electric guitar and the impact that it had on music and society.

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I will perform a test on my website by sending a questionnaire over Gmail to a number of people. By doing this I will find out if my product meets all of the design specifications set. The questionnaire will also ask for feedback on my website. This feedback could then be used to improve my product.

What is the Research Section?

The research section contains a large amount of information that I have gathered from a wide variety of sources. It is concluded with a bibliography to show the sources in the project.

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