Social Science Final Project- How have the events and issues of the 60s impacted your personal life?

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Unit 9 Final Project    

Unit 9 final Project

Krystal McGee

Kaplan University

Social Science 310-05

Jennifer Worley

22 Jun 2010

                How have the events and issues of the 60s impacted your personal life?
I was born in 1960 and although I was young and did not understand a lot of what was going on during those days I gained knowledge and understanding of the times through my parents and basically took on their point of view of the world until I was old enough to understand things for myself. The sixties for me was a time in which the living was easy, food was cheap the stores had penny candy and you could actually go places and leave your door unlocked because no one would dare come into your home besides your neighbors would watch out for you. Despite all the turmoil that was occurring in the 60's I must admit I have never felt the peace of mind and safety I once felt in those days long gone, one reason could have been that I was just too young to understand all that was going on around me. I was brought up in a Christian home where my father was a minister with a strong love for God. Although he had been through his share of racial discrimination he instilled in us love for all people regardless of color. He gave us an everyday example of how we were to be treated as well as how we were to treat others. I remember watching the images of violence on the television as young black people marched for their rights in the streets, I remember walking down the streets and being called "Niger" by a car filled with white passengers, I even remember that certain part of town that I was not suppose to be in because I would get beat up by the white people.  So while I didn't really understand why people could not know you and yet hate you or why black people were considered inferior to white people I took it all in and dealt with it the best way I could. If I were to say that I didn't develop a dislike for whites I would be lying but regardless of my dislike my actions were still built on what my father taught me "treat others the way you want to be treated." During my sophomore year in high school all public schools were desegregated and students were bused across town to attend school. This created a nightmare for the predominately black school in which I attended because the Sunday before the change was to take affect was the first showing of the movie "Roots". I think the timing of this movie and busing couldn't have been worse. For the first time many black people saw how their ancestors were chained and beaten by their white masters, and they would be made to go to school with them the very next day. It was horrible, many of the white students were beat up as fights broke out all over the school. The same thing was happening on the other side of town to the black students that were bused to white schools.  As the weeks passed things got better and people learned how to deal with each other and learned how to accept each other's differences. Through the events which led to the Civil Rights Act people realized that all people should have the same opportunities to learn and grow. People realized that it would be through diversity that we would have the best opportunity to learn more about each other so we will be able to better understand each other. Our prior history of hatred stemmed from a lack of knowledge of who we are and where we come from.

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     My oldest brother was drafted for the Vietnam War. He had been gone for about two days when early one Saturday morning he came knocking on the door explaining to us that he couldn't go to war because of a heart condition. I never saw my mother and father happier when my brother stood on the steps of our house that Saturday morning. I was also happy to see my brother knowing that he did not have to go to war. Although I did not fully understand the whole concept of war I knew he was home now. ...

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